Vehicle Description

Keychain Remote Control, Kneeling Rear Suspension, Removable Passenger Seat, Removable Driver Seat, Automatic Passenger Sliding Door, Automatic Bi-Fold Ramp, 11" Lowered Floor, Wheelchair/Occupant Securement System, Interior OEM Control Switches, Custom Ground Effects,Braun - Toyota Rampvan XT
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Handicap Driving Aids

Manual tie-down straps and seat belt or optional retractable belt system

Interior & Flooring Space

56" of vertical doorway clearance - 60" inside the van - 33" Slide Door Opening Width - 59" at Driver & Passenger Position - 51" Interior Floor Length Behind Front Seats - 82-1/2" Overall Interior Floor Length (Flat Area) - 61-1/2" Interior Width at B Pillars - Interior Width to Optional One Pass. Flip & Fold K 46" - Automatic power ramp - Ramp Length 52" - Ramp Width 29-1/4" - Ramp Angle When Kneeled 7.3? - Keyless power Foldout ramp - reduced ramp angle for easy entry and exit - lightweight aluminum ramp - non-skid powder coated finish - superior traction - slotted ramp surface - manual operation backup, Removable Driver Seat & Passenger Seats, Third Row Roll-and Tumble Seats Offer Additional

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