Find Latest Honda Wheelchair Vans with Handicap Ramps for Sale

Make the right buying decision on your next honda handicapped conversion van . Get all the handling, quality and conveniences you are after with used honda wheelchair accessible handicap vans for sale in our classifieds. A large amount of handicap van sellers give you the opportunity to find the right honda wheelchair van you need.


2021 HONDA HRV Wheelchair SUV For Sale


  • 1.8L 4 CYLINDER
  • Auto
  • SUV
  • 23,541 miles

2007 HONDA Odyssey Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Well cared for conversion van with no wrecks and in SC most of its life.
Ready to get in and drive with this van.

  • Auto
  • 199,719 miles

2016 HONDA Odyssey Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Nice Honda Touring Elite with a VMI in floor ramp conversion. It has a
swivel transfer seat installed. Every option in this model such as lane
departure assist, DVD player, leather seats

  • Auto
  • 44,500 miles

2011 HONDA ELEMENT Wheelchair SUV For Sale



  • i-Vtec 2.4DOHC
  • Auto
  • SUV
  • 97,451 miles

2008 HONDA ODYSSEY Wheelchair FULL SIZE VAN For Sale

Resent maintenance - timing belt replaced, power steering pump and
hoses replaced.

  • 3.5 V6
  • Auto
  • 123,851 miles

2007 HONDA Odyssey Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Gently used, low mileage.

  • 68,000 miles

2010 HONDA Odyssey Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Versatile 2010 Honda Odyssey ramp van, adapted for caregiver to drive
or the person who uses wheelchair.

  • V6, i-VTEC, 3.5 Liter
  • Auto
  • 157,300 miles

2018 HONDA Pilot Wheelchair SUV For Sale

Wheelchair accessible SUV body style

  • V6 280HP
  • Auto
  • SUV
  • 22,700 miles

Get Expert Advice For Purchasing Honda Wheelchair Vans

About Honda Wheelchair Minivans

They have great offers for conversions to create Honda wheelchair accessible vans. The Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program was created to help customers with disabilities equip their Honda van by offering up to a $1000 rebate to original customers who buy necessary adaptive equipment for their Honda wheelchair vans. You must check your state’s license requirements, choose the best Honda model to meet your mobility needs, choose an NMEDA-approved installer, and receive proper training. Such equipment could include side or rear door ramps, Scooter ramps, Powerchair ramps, telescopic ramps, motorized lifts and other equipment

Honda manufactures two completely different car models in as far as their wheelchair minivans industry is concerned. The two types are the Odyssey and the Element. The former is basically the traditional type of a minivan whilst the latter is also known as a crossover vehicle. The two types of vehicles have become very popular in the wheelchair van market.

The Element can not be officially described as a minivan but is mostly classified under the same category with the Toyota Sienna and Odyssey when people talk about wheelchair vans. The reason why this is so, is because the modifications and changes that were done to this vehicle are almost similar to those that were used in the conversion of minivans.

It is therefore important to look at why the Element and the Odyssey have become so popular in the market of wheelchair vans.

If you are shopping around for a wheelchair van you may need to look at the different options being offered by Honda. Many people especially buyers and analysts are always saying positive things about the element and the Odyssey. If you buy any of these two vehicles you will discover that they are practically efficient and reliable vehicles that are full of style and comfort.

Honda Handicap Van History

Honda, long known for economy, efficiency and reliability began in Japan in 1946 when the engineer Honda Soichiro founded the Honda Technical Research Institute. The Honda Motor Company was organized in 1948 and in 1949 began producing motorcycles. In 1959 they established and American subsidiary, the American Honda Motor Company. In 1979 the American company began to produce motorcycles and in 1982 they started producing cars. Vans and minivans followed quickly. The Civic and Accord models are among the most popular models; economy and adaptability tell the story about Honda Wheelchair Vans.

Buying a Honda Wheelchair That Meets Your Personal Needs

Proper care should be taken when you choose a wheelchair van, you do not want to make a careless decision as it may end up costing you. Determining your needs and requirements is important as it will help you to choose a high quality vehicle. Following the best practises and guidelines will also make it easier for you to select the conversions you may need so that you will have the best wheelchair van.

If you need an evaluation done then you can get in touch with the Association of Van Specialists. If there is none in your area they will find the nearest specialist for you. Insurance companies usually pay for this evaluation, if you are not sure about it you may need to contact your insurer to find whether this risk is covered. Although it may seem a bit expensive to appoint a professional evaluator it is by far the best way you can use to make an informed decision and buy the best wheelchair van that meets your personal needs.

Take it this way; your wheelchair minivan is the biggest investment. You want to make sure that it is working properly from the very first day and you do not want any changes or modifications being done to it.

Honda Wheelchair Van Purchasing Guidelines

There are basically two types of Honda models that can be converted. The Element and the Odyssey are both suitable and can easily be adjusted to suit the wheelchair users. Below are a few things you may need to consider when you select the best Honda wheelchair van to suit your needs.

Servicing and Maintaining Your Honda Wheelchair Van

Your Honda wheelchair requires expertise service from someone who is experienced in fixing and servicing Honda wheelchairs unless you are also a specialist mechanic. You want to make sure that the wheelchair van is properly serviced and maintained at all times.

It is a good idea to take your Honda wheelchair to a Honda specialist garage that specialises in the conversion of wheel chair vans. It is also a good idea to deal with a company within your locality .if there is no company nearby then you need to look for the best choice. Circumstances may force you to select two companies to provide a service for you; the other one will be doing specialty conversions and the other one will provide the normal maintenance services to your Odyssey and Honda Element.

Make sure you do not give your wheelchair van to anyone. It is important to deal with professional service providers who will provide you with the highest level of service. A wheelchair van is a big investment so you need to keep it safe all the time.

Why Choose A Honda Wheelchair Van

Honda is known for manufacturing affordable and reliable vehicles. The Honda civic for example is one of the passenger cars in the world. Other Honda makes however receive negative reviews from some people and critics.

The Element and the Odyssey which are commonly used as wheelchair vans have also good reputation from many people across the world. The two vehicles perform very well and all pass their safety tests. In addition to that they are also reliable and flexible as compared to other cars in their classes. The fact that they can be converted is another added advantage. The appearance of the Odyssey is also outstanding.

Honda handicap vans modified by Northstar VMI conversion are an excellent choice for safety, convenience and mobility. They have a built-in power floor ramp to lift your wheelchair at the touch of a remote control. There is an emergency ramp release, power door operation, plenty of headroom and a wheelchair tie-down system. They are fully crash tested and NMEDA approved. The front seat bases are removable so the vehicle can be operated from your chair, if required. You can choose from Odyssey Touring and Odyssey Ex-L models.

Honda accessible vans have great adaptability with Northstar VMI conversion and other accessories. The Qstraint and EZLock systems make storing a wheelchair or scooter much safer even in motion. Electric seats transfer allows the seat to turn to face the door for ease in getting in and out. Full-size conversion vans have been very popular but fuel-efficient Honda wheelchair vans and sport utility vehicles offer many attractive options to the wise consumer. Honda vans have a lowered floor, which makes entry easier. With the storage features, you can protect your scooter, wheelchair or powerchair from the elements. Other adaptive equipment is easily installed, and with the Honda $1000 rebate available, the financial burden is lightened considerably. The more you know about Honda wheelchair vans, the better they will fit whatever mobility needs you have, with the added bonus of Honda reliability, service and economy.

Honda Wheelchair Vans Improve Mobility Access

Most people who are using the Honda wheelchair vans for the first time regret why they never thought of ever using this type of vehicles before. The Element and the Odyssey have got a special feature, the kick open function. This feature will open the doors with ease for the disabled driver.

These days many things have got automatic functions. Sometimes it can be very difficult to do your daily activities and duties without the help of a car. If you want to attend to different activities be it cultural or entertainment you definitely need the help of a car. This is a fact that you can not run away from.

If you ask someone who was not using a vehicle before but now driving a wheel chair minivan they will tell you that this is true. This is especially true for those people who are now using the Honda wheelchair van. These people have enjoyed the comfort and reliability of Honda wheelchair vans, besides these vehicles are very attractive.