Find Latest Dodge Wheelchair Vans with Handicap Ramps for Sale

Make the right buying decision on your next dodge handicapped conversion van . Get all the handling, quality and conveniences you are after with used dodge wheelchair accessible handicap vans for sale in our classifieds. A large amount of handicap van sellers give you the opportunity to find the right dodge wheelchair van you need.

2016 DODGE GRAN CARAVAN 2015 DODGE ProMaster2014 DODGE Grand Caravan SXT

2019 DODGE Grand Caravan - BraunAbility Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Like New 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan SE BraunAbility Rear-Entry
Manual Ramp.

  • 3.6-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT
  • Auto
  • 1,200 miles

2014 DODGE Grand Caravan SXT Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT handicapped accessible van with rear
entry ramp. Clean van, runs good. 83,000

  • Auto
  • 83,000 miles


Miles $11,775

  • V6 3.8L
  • Auto

2014 DODGE Grand Caravan SXT Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT VMI powered ramp conversion

  • V6
  • Auto
  • 71,763 miles

2012 DODGE Grand Caravan SE Wheelchair FULL SIZE VAN For Sale

Full size red wheelchair accessible van with electric side ramp.

  • 21,715 miles

2016 DODGE GRAN CARAVAN Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Like new, low mileage van. Easy to transport power chair
or wheelchair passenger with driver and 3 other
passengers with seats on each side of wheelchair position.

  • V6
  • Auto
  • 27,012 miles

2015 DODGE ProMaster Wheelchair FULL SIZE VAN For Sale

Auction Sale: (35) Vans

  • 113,893 miles

2007 DODGE Mini Van Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Manual side entry wheel chair accessible mini van in great

  • Auto
  • 34,000 miles

2009 DODGE Grand Caravan Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

2009 Dodge Grand Caravan with 2011 Braun Mobility Conversion

  • Auto
  • 131,000 miles

2002 DODGE Caravan Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

2002 Dodge Handicap Caravan

  • 3.3 Liter
  • Auto
  • 93,860 miles

Get Expert Advice For Purchasing Dodge Wheelchair Vans

What are Dodge Wheelchair Minivans?

If you are in the market for a wheelchair van, take time to look into Dodge wheelchair accessible vans. Dodge wheelchair vans have been around for decades making life easier and more fun for those with wheelchairs and scooters. The Dodge Grand Caravan is the standard of excellence for Dodge handicap vans. This bestselling van is popular because of the great price and the array of features available.

Dodge was the first company to introduce the minivan and their products are still at the top today. Dodge accessible vans have lowered floors and side doors to make getting into the van as safe and comfortable as driving it is. There are also a variety of options available to choose from as far as ramps. Some of the conversion extras you will enjoy with a Dodge accessible van are ground effects painted to match the van, a manual ramp override switch for safety, a 10" lowered floor, multiple ramp controls, custom carpet kit, and a removable front passenger seat.

There are options as far as what ramp you choose and where it is placed. The ramp can be either in the side door or the rear door. It is also possible to choose between a manual ramp and a motorized one. The manual ramps are less expensive and most of them are equipped with springs to make maneuvering them easy and quick.

However, the motorized options operate with the press of a button, which is hard to beat for convenience. Power ramps may also have a feature which lowers the height of the van where it meets the ramp allowing for an even easier ascent into the Dodge handicap van. In floor ramps are stored under the vehicle while fold up ramps take space inside the vehicle, although often it is not much. However a fold up ramp installed on the side of the accessible van will block the side door when it is folded up.

When you know more about Dodge wheelchair vans you may well find that they are right for your needs. With versatility, quality and function Dodge wheelchair accessible vans offer the best there is in accessible vehicles. Whether you are looking for yourself or for a loved one consider the benefits of purchasing a Dodge wheelchair van. Everyone is an individual with individual needs and Dodge allows wheelchair and scooter users to get exactly what they want in a vehicle.

The Grand Caravan or the Dodge Caravan will creep into any conversation regarding wheelchair minivans or even just talk about vans in general. The very first minivan – the caravan was introduced in the year of 1984. This new vehicle class became a regular in the automotive industry ever since its introduction.

Shortly after the introduction of the caravan, days in fact, Dodge released the Grand Caravan to its product line. The caravan itself sat upon a shorter chassis which was created close to the design of what was called a K-car. However it should be noted the Grand Caravan's wheelbase was longer. Twenty five years after its initial introduction into the industry, Dodge has ceased the creation of the shorter vehicle. The only remaining minivan is the Grand Canyon.

The Dodge accessible vehicle was very popular with families with children but this is only half the story. After its creation and distribution, a new class of vehicles called wheelchair minivans were created. Experts specializing in vehicle conversion, who had since been plying their trade on full sized vans, were instantly attracted to the smaller caravan. This is due to the fact it was smaller and easier to handle. Initial experimentation yielded promising results and these experts exclaimed their delight in determining it was indeed possible to create a Dodge wheelchair van.

Considerations When Selecting a Dodge Handicap Van

Investing in a Dodge wheelchair van is a big thing, you do not want to make a mistake when you make this kind of purchase, so it is important to ensure you gather all the information you need before going ahead. Once you know exactly what you require from the conversion company you will be able to convey your needs and requirements more easily.

But what are your considerations, and which van is best for your needs? With most things all this requires is the collection of information. Making conversion decisions without guidance form a conversion expert can be a big and costly mistake. You will be making decisions on a limited amount of information and sadly gut instinct. Clearly this is not the way to go about things, especially with something so important. Get a clear picture of your needs, and convey them to whomever is going to modifying your Dodge wheelchair van. Even gaining a professional assessment of your driving ability will help you gather information ready for a modification expert to digest and take into consideration.

Maintenance and Servicing of the Dodge wheelchair van

Your Dodge Sprinter or Grand Caravan will stay with you for many years if you properly look after it and have it serviced when required. Your Dodge wheelchair van is one of the most rock solid vans in the market so it will not let you down.

Never think of maintenance or servicing as unimportant, they are essential in keeping your van in service or working order. Yes dodge accessible vans are often said as being "ram touch" or in some cases described as "indestructible" this may be true to a certain extent, however taking care of your product will help you get the best out of it.

Ensure the job of maintaining your Dodge wheelchair van is done by and expert. Remember, your modifications have been carried out to your requirements, they are not mass produced creations. So contact a modification expert and get him on the case, you will be glad in the long term.

A New or Second Hand Dodge wheelchair van?

You can get a used Dodge wheelchair van and in the end you might save money by doing so, however you will have to scrutinize every aspect of the vehicle to ensure you really are getting a good deal.

Dodges are reliable vans but do not last as long as other makes in terms of age. So do your research and make sure your new purchase is going to last for the required amount of years before it needs to be replaced.

Mobility Access and Dodge Handicapped Vans

Dodge handicapped vans are great over achievers with regard to mobility access. If you are disabled or are not as young as you used to be, you will find both the Dodge conversion minivan - talking of the grand caravan or caravan - a quality of life improver. Getting to places will be easier and safer for those in need of more specific needs.

Dodge mobility vans are indeed very easily converted or modified to each user. This enhances the usability and drive ability of the product meaning it is a dream to use in comparison to other more rigid products on the market.

This manipulable form is born out of several different modifications. Getting in and out of the vehicle is one of the most important things disabled users look for. Experts can fit ramps for wheelchair access and sometimes mini lifts can be installed making entering and exiting the dodge accessible minivan a breeze.