Find Latest Chrysler Wheelchair Vans with Handicap Ramps for Sale

Make the right buying decision on your next chrysler handicapped conversion van . Get all the handling, quality and conveniences you are after with used chrysler wheelchair accessible handicap vans for sale in our classifieds. A large amount of handicap van sellers give you the opportunity to find the right chrysler wheelchair van you need.

2007 CHRYSLER Town and Country limited Wheelchair FULL SIZE VAN For Sale

Affordable wheelchair access van

  • 3.8L V6 F 24V
  • Auto
  • 54,419 miles

2023 CHRYSLER Pacifica Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

2023 CHRYSLER PACIFICA Brand-new chassis/Brand-new conversion.
Mint condition. Barely Used.

  • V6, 3.6L
  • Auto
  • 2,700 miles

2022 CHRYSLER Pacifica Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Excellent, looks brand new

  • V6
  • 1,000 miles

2013 CHRYSLER Town and Country Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

EZ LOCK system already installed; 59,000 miles; low
mileage; power ramp; $25,000;

6-way passenger transfer seat;

  • V6
  • Auto
  • 59,000 miles

2020 CHRYSLER Pacifica Anniversary Edition Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

2020 Chrysler Pacifica by Freedom Motors

  • V6
  • Auto
  • 27,195 miles

2021 CHRYSLER Pacifica Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Beautiful 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, Touring L - "S" Edition (all black) in
pristine condition, only 12,755 original miles. Excellent inside and
outside in mint condition and still under warranty.

  • Auto
  • 12,755 miles

2017 CHRYSLER Pacifica Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Low mileage loaded mobility van in good condition.

  • 3.6L 6cyl
  • Auto
  • 39,050 miles

2015 CHRYSLER Town and Country Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Well maintained and cared for Chrysler Town & Country with
BraunAbility conversion. Priced to moved.

  • 3600CC V6
  • Auto
  • 42,872 miles

2008 CHRYSLER Grand Caravan Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

Low miles, excellent condition, no smoking, room
for 2 WC back row bucket seats, clean title

  • 6 cynlinder
  • Auto
  • 60,006 miles

Get Expert Advice For Purchasing Chrysler Wheelchair Vans

About Chrysler Wheelchair Minivans

Consumer Guide named the Chrysler Town and Country, a popular choice for wheelchair users looking for a vehicle, a "Best Buy" in both 2008 and 2009. The 2011 models have been redesigned to offer a 283-horsepower V6 engine, a new exterior, and a brand-new six-speed automatic transmission. Available in three models and price ranges, including the LX, Touring, and Limited, this minivan can be customized to suit any wheelchair user's needs.

Though Chrysler handicap vans were outperformed by other models, such as the Toyota Sienna, in previous years, the 2011 upgrade gives Chrysler an edge over the competition. Not only is the new engine more powerful, but the smooth driving experience also impresses users. The Chrysler Town and Country also offers a more flexible interior than other vans right from the start. Even those without wheelchairs can appreciate the second-row folding seats.

This vehicle scores well on reliability and safety. The federal government assigned the Chrysler Town and Country a four-star rollover rating, while tests performed by the insurance industry give it high ratings in both side impact and frontal offset crash tests. The safety of the vehicle, combined with extra features, such as Wi-Fi access, makes this van an attractive option for people of all ages.

Mobility is very important for a human being. Being capable of moving from one place to another without the help of anybody is one of the greatest gifts a man has. Unfortunately, there are many who need the help of machines to move from one place to another. Wheelchairs are one of the most important aides to handicapped and disabled individuals. Although they help them to move on their own, there are certain situations where they need the help of another person. Climbing steps, moving on a ramp, etc requires assistance. In some circumstances, they will have to be carried or offered an alternative route. This is not possible in all situations so, to make things easy, ramps were invented.

Chrysler wheelchair vans are manufactured by the Chrysler section of Chrysler Group LLC, American automobile manufacturers. One interesting thing about Chrysler wheelchair vans is that although Chrysler wheelchair accessible vans are manufactured in the US, they are sold in Mexico and Europe.

What Do I Need to Consider when Choosing the Best Chrysler Wheelchair Van for My Needs?

Buying and converting your new car will be expensive, making it critical that you choose a van that suits your needs. To determine what modifications are necessary, you should see a driver rehabilitation specialist. He or she will assist you by testing your coordination, flexibility, range of motion, flexibility, and ability to drive with specially designed equipment. The evaluator may also determine what will benefit passengers with disabilities.

After completing the evaluation, your driver rehabilitation specialist will let you know which modifications are necessary. Be sure to mention whether you are planning to buy a new wheelchair in the near future, as this will affect your evaluator's recommendations. Finally, the evaluator will help you select a vehicle and choose a dealer if necessary.

Reliability Of Chrysler Wheelchair Vans

Overall, the Chrysler Town and Country has made significant gains in both performance and reliability over the last few years. With proper maintenance and careful planning, your van will last you for many years to come.

This vehicle scores well on reliability and safety. The federal government assigned the Chrysler Town and Country a four-star rollover rating, while tests performed by the insurance industry give it high ratings in both side impact and frontal offset crash tests. The safety of the vehicle, combined with extra features, such as Wi-Fi access, makes this van an attractive option for people of all ages.

How Best to Maintain and Service Your Chrysler Wheelchair Van

Regular maintenance and servicing are necessary for any car in order to keep it running smoothly. Due to the modifications made to a Chrysler accessible minivan, however, maintenance is even more important than usual. The Chrysler Town and Country is generally very reliable, but may become expensive and difficult to deal with should you forget to maintain it properly.

The company that converted your vehicle should provide a list of maintenance requirements and schedule recommendations. You should combine these recommendations with those from the manufacturer to create a service and maintenance schedule. Some things, such as oil changes, need to be performed after you have driven a certain number of miles. Others should be performed every few months or so.

Having just regained your freedom and independence, it would be a shame to lose your vehicle due to lack of maintenance. Though your Chrysler accessible vehicle should serve you well, it will need regular checkups if you want to drive it for years.

Tips for Selecting the Right Chrysler Wheelchair Van for Your Needs

Chrysler accessible vans are available in three models: the LX, Touring, and Limited. The LX is designed for the budget-conscious and only includes the most basic features. The Touring, with more features and a more powerful engine, is the most popular model among wheelchair users due to its balance between price and high-end features. The Limited is most expensive and has the most features, but is less popular than either the LX or the Touring.

Though you can buy Chrysler handicapped vans used without worrying too much about their reliability, their 2011 facelift makes newer models more attractive. Older models are less powerful and do not have as many features. Keep in mind that a Chrysler commercial wheelchair van has many of the same parts as a Dodge van, so that may be an option as well.

How Chrysler Wheelchair Vans Enhance Mobility Access for Disabled Drivers and Passengers

Being disabled requires a dependence on other people that most of us would find hard to accept. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that wheelchair users enjoy the independence offered by Chrysler wheelchair vans. No one wants to try to fit his or her needs into someone else's busy life. Fortunately, Chrysler conversion vans make the dream of independence into a reality.

Drivers will enjoy the smooth ride offered by this vehicle, while the easy access afforded by a converted van will allow them to roll in and out without any trouble. Passengers, too, will enjoy the extra bells and whistles available. They will also enjoy seeing their loved one happy and regaining his or her independence.

Owners can choose one (or more) of several conversions designed to enhance ease-of-access and mobility. For example, wheelchair users can choose several ramp styles, including rear entry or side entry. During the conversion process, the company in charge will redesign the floor, raise the suspension, and add computer controls to operate the ramp, among other modifications. These additions, and more, will help someone in a wheelchair come and go as he or she pleases.

There are many types of ramps available for wheelchair users.
Portable wheelchair Ramps: These are small, so once they are folded they can be packed. They are basically created to be used where there are raised landings and porches, which are not too steep. Due to their size, they are easy to carry and store. They can support any type of wheelchair.

Threshold Ramps – These ramps allow wheelchair users to cross thresholds easily without too much effort. Such ramps have thresholds at both ends and are used in the exteriors of a house. While using this ramp, you have to make sure you open and close the doors on time.

Modular wheelchair Ramps – This is more of a permanent fixture in homes and offices. This is not only large but also expensive compared to the other types. You need to have more space to install modular wheelchair ramps.

Wheelchair Van Ramps –Chrysler handicap vans have these. They have anti-slip surfaces to hold the wheels of the wheelchair steady while getting into the van.
Telescopic Track Ramps – Some Chrysler accessible vans have these ramps, which consist of two trails. They help those in wheelchairs enter and exit the van easily.

Vehicle wheelchair ramps – Such ramps are used to get on and off buses safely. You can safely place the wheels of the wheelchair on the ramp without the fear of skidding.

Chrysler wheelchair vans are an upscale version of mobile vans for wheelchair users. The great thing about Chrysler Wheelchair vans is that they have side curtain airbags, a complete entertainment set up and traction control. They have all the safety and luxury features to make your ride an enjoyable one. Additional features include DVD navigation, dual remote sliding doors and rear-parking assist. They have a hard grip, non- slip ramp, which enables wheelchairs to get into vans smoothly and safely.