Vehicle Description

Features include plexiglass that separates the driver from the passenger. It’s advantage is to avoid distraction from passenger while on transit. Best part, however, is the availability of two way intercom in case there is need for both persons to speak with each other. Both persons have individual switches that can be switched on and off. In addition to the wheelchair space, the van has five extra sitters, two at the front and three at the middle. Van has sunroof, latest navigation system, back up camera, electric handicap signs that work with the brake lights. It has two retractable steps on either side doors to step up or down the van.

Interior & Flooring Space

Lowered floor is 4 feet, ramp width is 3 feet, and height at
wheelchair position is 4.5 feet. Three pieces of belts that
hold passenger: two running across the waist and to the
floor, and the other from the roof of van through the left
shoulder to the center of the two that are across the waist.
These hold the passenger on the wheelchair very securely
and comfortably.

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