Vehicle Description

Low mileage, quiet interior, safe, clean, reliable ramp, stainless steel floor pan, door tracks, and exhaust, 55” door opening with 58” interior headroom, large display, heated driver and passenger seats, remote start, side step ground effects, remote door and ramp, 12.5” drop floor conversion with in the floor side ramp. Fuel and brake lines routed through frame to enhance safety. Cargo Q-Straint QLK power tiedown, dual battery, manual emergency in/out release for ramp, non-skid surface on floor ramp. Complete undercoating and custom ground effects.

Handicap Driving Aids

Kneeling system, one touch key chain with remote start,
switch stations, driver Rollx transfer seat w/pendant

Interior & Flooring Space

11” lowered floor with modified driver slider door sill,
Owners wheelchair is a Permobil M5, rear sofa foot rest-flip
down style, passenger quick release seat, side step ground
effects, 55” door opening and 58” interior headroom.
Heated driver and passenger seats. Remote door and

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