New & Used Wheelchair Vans for Sale in District of Columbia

Buy your new or used handicap vans in our district of columbia handicap van classifieds and get choice from 1000's of handicapped accessible vehicle sellers in district of columbia needing to sell their handicapped vans. Join us to sell used conversion vans in district of columbia statewide classified listings so buyers can and sort, compare and view in any order your wheelchair accessible mini vans or full size vans for sale in district of columbia

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Get Expert Advice On Buying Handicap Vans In District of Columbia

Mobility Van Sales Offers Widest Range Of Hanicap Van Sales

Mobility Van Sales offers one of the largest collections in District of Columbia of full size wheelchair vans and disabled vans. District of Columbia wheelchair van listings for sale can be made by personal sellers, but customers can also find brand new handicap vans from certified mobility dealers in District of Columbia who are listing on the site.

In addition, unlike other general listing sites, handicap vans listed for sale in District of Columbia at Mobility Van Sales often still have part of their original warranty. Wheelchair vans for sale in District of Columbia can also be fitted with brand new modifications for wheelchair users such as a new lowered floor side entry ramp, additional railings, or removable driver’s seating.

Mobility Van Sales offers a wide range of options for people looking for new or used wheelchair vans, handicapped scooters, trucks, and brand new or used vehicle parts for sale in District of Columbia. We also provide a way for owners in District of Columbia to sell vans and buy new handicap vans, all in the same site.

With our selection of wheelchair accessible vans, customers can surely find the mobility van they are looking for. Disabled drivers can buy, sell, or trade in their vehicles in District of Columbia for newer models or models that come with the modifications that they need to suit their type of disability.

District of Columbia Wheelchair Van Loans & Finance

Many consumers who plan to purchase wheelchair vans in District of Columbia are totally unacquainted with the many programs and grants that can help them with wheelchair van finance available in District of Columbia.

There are low-interest loans available from many sources, including banks, dealers and loan institutes around District of Columbia. You can research these offers over the Internet. Since equipping handicap vans ready to enjoy driving in District of Columbia can be fairly expensive, many institutes offer such deals as a public service.

Other District of Columbia charitable organizations can also help with grants and awards to sponsor handicapped individuals needing accessible vans in District of Columbia. Grants are available on the federal, District of Columbia and local levels and can be found by searching the web. An accessible minivan may be just a few clicks away. Employers, churches and other charities can also help in your quest to adapt an accessible vehicle to your needs.

You may choose to finance you new wheelchair van bought in District of Columbia through a single source, but you should be aware that wheelchair vans and conversions could also be financed through multiple options including these grants within District of Columbia.

Buying Wheelchair Vans In District of Columbia?

Buying wheelchair vans in District of Columbia can be a great way to make sure that you are always able to bring your loved one from one place to another. Without a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it can be difficult to have enough room in your handicap van and nearly impossible to get your loved one's wheelchair in your van. It is important to look around District of Columbia so that you are able to get a great vehicle that meets all of your needs.

One of the main things you will want to consider when buying a wheelchair van in District of Columbia is whether you wish to own a rear entry or side entry handicap van for sale in District of Columbia. This depends on the amount of room that the wheelchair takes up as well as how easy it is for you to load the vehicle. This will help you find some handicap van models to choose from in District of Columbia.

Look around District of Columbia carefully to make sure that you get a great price. While wheelchair vans in District of Columbia are expensive, you do not want to overpay for new wheelchair van or used full size handicap van in District of Columbia.

Five Critical Requirements for a District of Columbia Quadriplegic Wheelchair Vans

One of the best choices for wheelchair vans for sale in District of Columbia suited to a quadriplegic is a full-size wheelchair van with a raised roof for headroom clearance. The handicap vans for sale in District of Columbia should have side doors and rear doors so the wheelchair can be lifted up on either side or in the rear of the handicapped van.

Specific wheelchair van features found on accessible vans for sale in District of Columbia are critical to assure the safety of the disabled individual. The handicap vans in District of Columbia must be equipped with the following features:

  1. A side or rear electric or hydraulic door lift; a safety platform; self-operable; and manual power operation in the event of a power failure.
  2. Lockdowns that hold in case of accident; waist and shoulder belts to secure the wheelchair.
  3. Fire extinguishers that are easily accessible; a fuel tank that is not vulnerable to a rear end collision; a smoke detector.
  4. Accessibility for an emergency removal of the individual without assistance.
  5. A built-in, permanently charged telephone.


There is nothing as fantastic as finding a good deal on new wheelchair vans in District of Columbia. People can get special deals on financing rates and manufacturer warranties when purchasing brand new handicap vans.

It is usually better for people to purchase one of the new wheelchair vans in District of Columbia rather than take their chances on a used handicap van. Another great option is to choose an accessible minivan from one of the many industry leading mobility dealers found on Mobility Van Sales.

An accessible minivan in District of Columbia is perfect for families with limited mobility. The company has many years of new wheelchair van experience and can help customers to choose accessible vans, conversion vans or an accessible minivan.

The certified mobility dealers are also experts in van modification. Whether someone needs a modified handicap minivan or new commercial wheelchair van, the District of Columbia mobility van experts can provide helpful information.