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2006 SCION rampvan Wheelchair MINI VAN For Sale

like new-19500 garage kept miles.

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  • 19,500 miles

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Many Upsides Of Scion Wheelchair Vans

When it comes to utility, safety, and enjoyment, sporty and versatile Scion wheelchair vans provide each in equal measure. Instead of the more traditional structure of a standard wide-bodied van that also enables wheelchair access, Scion handicap vans have the sleek and attractive appearance of a jeep-like Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). They offer rear loading, as well as the option of overhead doors, to enable easy entry and disembarkation of passengers and necessary specialized equipment.

The Scion XS-Able vehicle is not only practical and useful, its features happen to come wrapped wisely with a helpful fuel-efficient engine and transmission system. Considering that Scion wheelchair vans need to be able to haul additional heavy equipment on a daily basis, good fuel economy is vital.

Built with a wheelchair ramp and manual rear door, as well as the option to add an overhead side door, easy accessibility is a given. Of course, these Scion handicapped vans come with standard space for the driver, as well as a front passenger and one wheelchair passenger as well.

The Scion wheelchair minivan provides a floor-based track and belt setup that is designed to securely hold the chair in place during travel. Additional restraint systems can be added to augment the standard factory installed pieces.

Scion Wheelchair Vans Combine The Best of the Best

Scion accessible vans are designed to look and function very much like standard Scion models, with the benefit of the additional key equipment to make their versatility as inherent and streamlined as possible. In this camouflaged way, style and other utility options are not compromised.

Ultimately, all this means that the Scion wheelchair vans are easier to maneuver and park, since their size and handling is very much like a compact SUV rather than the sometimes awkward standard larger van. This also means that it is garage-friendly, and does not need a customized space for overnight shelter and protection.

Adaptive technology provides access for those who require transitional accommodation for short-term injuries, as well as those who will use the full capability of this vehicle over the long-term. This mode of transportation makes the process easy, regardless of the stage or stage of the disability.

More on Scion Wheelchair Vans

Scion, a line of cars created by Toyota, has plenty of options for those looking for Scion wheelchair accessible vans and Scion handicap vans. Toyota created the Scion line in 2002 and launched it officially in 2003. It was geared for those interested in a non-traditional, non-standard line of cars created to look sleek and more modern. Now, Scion vehicles are nationally available across the United States, and available at 45 dealers in Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. But what about Scion wheelchair vans?

All Scion vehicles are created along a basic design, and any additional features, such as decals, mudflaps, or any wheelchair or handicap-accessible accessories are customized by the driver. Scion vehicles can also be converted into Scion wheelchair vans through outside aftermarket companies. Scion accessible vans can be modified to have upward-swinging doors, rather than outside-swinging doors, added wheelchair lifts and ramps, and rearranged seat configurations to fit and lock a wheelchair into place inside the car. The Scion wheelchair vans can have rear lifts or side lifts, on either side.

Scion Wheelchair Vans Cater to Various Budgets & Various Levels of Ability:

Keep in mind that an adaptive equipment modification can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000. At the same time, some states waive tax responsibility for adaptive equipment. Also, your tools may make you eligible for a federal tax deduction. So, it could be worth exploring the potential reductions in price for Scion wheelchair vans in your state.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least one-third of those between the ages of 21 and 64 who suffer from severe disabilities are employed, adapted vehicles must be readily available and completely safety compliant. This segment of the population represents well over half-a-million individuals who require specialized transportation for daily needs, in addition to other travel and recreation.

Scion wheelchair vans are known to be one of the most attractive, convenient, well-equipped, and affordable options for those seeking adaptive vehicles. When it comes to budgeting for the initial vehicle cost, as well as the ongoing expense for fuel and upkeep, Scion wheelchair vans come out on top.

Scion Handicap Vans Safety, and Warranty Quality, Offers Peace of Mind

The Scion wheelchair vans sustain crash testing like any other, and impressively earns its safety certificate on the first try. Support data can be obtained upon request.

A Scion commercial wheelchair van receives standard and complete factory warranty provisions. Even used models can often qualify to receive such benefits, contingent upon current mileage.

Scion conversion vans that are enhanced by aftermarket vendors may be eligible to receive standard and augmented warranty coverage as well. Top vehicle converters have been in business for decades, and work in tandem with Scion dealerships for repair, service, and warranty issues.

When trying to select the best Scion wheelchair van for your needs, driver rehabilitation specialists can contribute significantly to identifying what you will require and why. They are equipped to evaluate mobility, and can recommend design options that are tailored specifically for an individual’s abilities.

Determining whether a new or used vehicle is the best alternative is a key aspect of the decision. While extended warranties can be purchased for used vehicles, a new model comes equipped with the most current options and a full warranty. Certainly, cost will be a contributing factor. At the same time, because this is source of transportation is designed around special needs, minimizing vehicle downtime is a priority.

Since less than an inch is all it takes to impact a driver’s view and blind spots, modifications must be made by specially licensed technicians. This is another reason that there is a distinct advantage to buying a new, or factory equipped, Scion wheelchair van. Regardless of whether new or used is your final decision, ensure that the dealership is part of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA).

If you do not want to add a permanent, built-in ramp in a Scion accessible van, you can buy a portable ramp. There are many kinds of portable wheelchair ramps, such as portable suitcase ramps, which can be packed and repacked into a small, compact suitcase-like size to move a scooter or wheelchair over a set of small stairs, such as porch stairs. Multi-fold wheelchair or scooter ramps are similar but unfold to be able to push a wheelchair or scooter into a van, such as a Scion wheelchair accessible van. Telescopic track ramps, or channel ramps, are two sturdy, extendable and contractible tracks that lock into place and allow a wheelchair, scooter, or any heavy, wheeled item to be pushed up into a Scion wheelchair van.

Roll-up ramps are also telescopic, but are made of multiple connected treads that can be rolled into a bundle, or extended and locked into place. Threshold ramps are very small, very low ramps with extendable arms on the bottom, to allow a mobility device to be moved over a door threshold or a single-step riser. Any of these portable ramps can be used on either side-lift or rear-lift Scion wheelchair vans.

Other vehicle ramps can be custom-built or installed into Scion accessible vans, with door and seat adjustments to make room for them. Universal van ramps are simple-to-install wheelchair accessible ramps that fold into the inside of the car so the door can close against it. Manual ramps must be manually folded out of the doorway once the Scion door is open, while powered ramps can be folded down with a button, switch or remote.

Powered chair ramps allow the chair or scooter to be rolled onto the ramp, then the entire ramp moves up or down to bring the device into or out of the Scion. Side door van ramps can be installed on any side of the car, after the door is modified to swing upwards and the seats are moved to make way for a locking wheelchair platform. Rear door van ramps are built into the trunk of the car. Hitch mounted van ramps are built onto the hitch of a car, right in front of the trunk of the car. Any of these wheelchair ramps can be used or adapted for a Scion van.