Selling Handicap Vans: A Guide

Wheelchairs vans are a bit more complex than one might imagine. They are, of course, simple mobility vehicles that can allow those with physical handicaps to get around, but they do far more than just hold a wheelchair. Modern handicap vans are quite helpful to those in needs. If you wish to sell your accessible minivan, it might be a good idea to work to get it into the hands of someone in need.

The easiest way to get rid of an accessible vehicle is to work with a dealer that specializes in accessible vans. These individuals help to reduce the time taken out of a private sale, and can reduce the overall sale time of most conversion vans. They do take a cut of the profits, but the savings of time may be worth the cost.

Even if you are selling a commercial wheelchair van, you should always make sure that you are actually receiving a fair price. Take some time to look at various values on new vans, and try to figure out what others in your market are charging for vans similar to your own. Most individuals that sell their vans are in the market for a new model, so getting a fair payment can be quite important.

If you do not wish to deal with a dealer, you may wish to simply trade in the vehicle. Many dealership will take a trade in of an equipped van, and it is a good way to get a better deal on a new unit. Dealers have a bit more leeway in dealing with used vehicle trade-ins than they may let on, and bringing in a trade-in is a great way to reduce the overall bottom line of the purchase of your new vehicle.

Of course, when dealing with a trade you should still try to get a fair price. Wheelchair vans quickly lose value, but they rarely are worth as little as the first offer from a dealer. Check around with various dealers to find out what kind of offer you can get, and make sure that the price you accept is actually fair.

You should be able to get a fair deal at most dealerships, and you can immediately use this money to buy a new van. There are new features added to these mobility vans every year, and some of the newer upgrades are actually quite impressive. If you take the time to look at new models, you may find something you like.

The mobility van market is always thriving. Make sure to research prices, look for a good deal, and always be ready to decide between ease of sale and making a profit. If you can do so, you will be able to pass your van on to another deserving individual and purchase a new model for yourself.