Light Lifting With Electric Wheelchair Carriers For Wheelchair Vans

Find Out More about the Electric Wheelchair Carrier for Wheelchair Vans

Power chairs or electric wheelchairs are heavier than conventional wheelchairs. Therefore, wheelchair carriers used to ferry these chairs tend to be more complicated than carriers for manual wheelchairs. For instance, a wheelchair carrier that is mounted on top of your vehicle would probably dent the roof of most wheelchair vans because of its weight.

Types of Electric Wheelchair Carriers

thumbs 2005 toyota sienna ext cac9bfdaa9a7ad01f639cf72cd8393ff Light Lifting With Electric Wheelchair Carriers For Wheelchair VansThe good news is that there are many carriers that are designed specifically for electric wheelchairs. Wheelchair owners should consult a lift expert before they go out and purchase an electric wheelchair carrier. These experts will help in determining the most suitable equipment for their wheelchairs and vehicles. Due to their complexity, motorized or electric wheelchair carriers will need a power source. A lift expert will most likely ask for your permission to drill the storage space in your vehicle so that the device can be connected to the battery in your van.

The most popular electric wheelchair carrier for motorized electric wheelchairs and scooters is the type that lifts the wheelchair into the third seat area or the cargo space of your vehicle. The unit is usually installed inside the vehicle and it normally latches to the floor.

The electric wheelchair carrier will lift the power chair up and out of the vehicle through the rear entry. Thereafter, it will lower the wheelchair gently onto the ground. All this is done with a simple push of a button. On the other hand, when the vehicle is moving, the carrier will hold the wheelchair in place.


Electric Wheelchair Ramps

thumbs honda odyssey 2011 eeffe7526fb689f74e73e713f5109e38 Light Lifting With Electric Wheelchair Carriers For Wheelchair VansOwners of wheelchair vans can also install wheelchair ramps if there is still some room left in their vans. A ten foot ramp is enough for a scooter to be driven into a wheelchair van. Before a ramp is purchased, experts should be consulted.

Once the wheelchair has been taken inside or outside the van, the ramp usually folds into the back of the van. There are several ways of securing the wheelchair once it is inside the vehicle. Wheelchair ramps work just as well as wheelchair lifts. The meaning of every other marking on the ramp should also be investigated.