How a Removable Driver’s Seat Helps the Disabled Driver

Not everyone drives while sitting on the driver’s seat that comes installed with every van that rolls off the assembly line.   Thanks to advances in modifications, many people are able to drive their vehicles from their wheelchairs.   That makes a removable driver’s seat a great accessory for many vehicle owners.

Getting rid of the driver’s seat makes sense for the wheelchair-bound driver.   If you can drive from your chair, it adds a great deal of convenience to the process and avoids the use of expensive transfer seats.   It may also allow the driver to get behind the wheel without assistance that may otherwise be required.

That is a good reason for dumping the driver’s seat.   However, there may be times when you wish you still had it around.   That is why the best possible solution is an easily removable driver’s seat that can also be re-installed quickly and easily.   The van can go from being driven by someone in a chair to being handled by a “traditional” driver in a matter of minutes.

While a van’s primary driver may utilize a wheelchair, it does not make sense to limit driving to that individual alone.   The wheelchair van owner may want to take a break on a long trip or another member of the family may have reason to drive the vehicle regularly.   You do not need to think too hard to come up with a variety of reasons to appreciate the flexibility provided by a removable seat.   It just does not make a great deal of sense to have a vehicle around that only one person can possibly drive.

In most cases, a removable driver’s seat has a post that enters the seat base on the floor of the van and then locks into position.   The seat can then be unlocked with a latch or lever and then removed by lifting it out of position.   The procedure may be beyond the capacity of some wheelchair users but a helper should be able to handle the job with relative ease.   Most seats are surprisingly light and the installation process is really quite easy.

If you plan on driving from a wheelchair, you’ll want to have a removable driver’s seat around for those times when you’d rather have someone else behind the wheel or in case of an emergency that renders you unable to drive.   It is an easy way to increase your vehicle’s overall utility.