Safer Disabled Driving With Reduced Effort Steering

It can be challenging for many disabled drivers to successfully and safely steer their vehicles.   The process simply requires too much force and effort.   The fact that one may not have the brute force necessary to steer a vehicle in its “straight off the assembly line” state doesn’t mean that they can’t manage behind the wheel.   There is an alternative.   One can install reduced effort steering in the vehicle.   This popular modification will allow them to safely and comfortably navigate the roadways.

Reduced effort steering lives up to its name.   It is basically a set up that improves some aspects of the stock steering system and replaces others to make it much, much easier to control a vehicle.   The steering wheel becomes more responsive and less force is necessary to turn it.

The exact “recipe” for reduced effort steering can vary based on the conversion company used.   However, almost anyone in the business of providing better controls for handicapped drivers starts by replacing the stock power steering pump with a farm more powerful model.

When the conversion company completes its work, the result is quite impressive.   A reduced effort steering system can require only one-fourth as much force to operate it as a traditional option.

The difference does not need to be quite that pronounced, however.   You can have the new steering box and power steering pump set up to deliver the degree of modification that is right for you.   Some people function well at 75% effort, others at 50% or less–it is purely a matter of individual need.

That has a great impact.   It makes driving possible for many people who are otherwise capable but who simply cannot handle the heightened level of exertion required from the average vehicle.   It is worth noting that reduced effort steering is not the same thing as “zero effort steering,” which is a different and slightly more aggressive modification.

Those who are not acquainted with reduced effort setups will need to spend some time adjusting to the changes.   They will want to “practice” with the vehicle to prevent the risk that could otherwise stem from an accidental over-reaction.   However, with a bit of experience vans and other vehicles converted to utilize reduced effort steering are just as safe as any other vehicle on the road.   They are just much more accessible!

If you find it difficult to steer a standard vehicle due to tendonitis or any other disabling condition, it does not mean that your days as a safe, active driver are behind you.   With a professionally installed reduce effort steering system, you will be able to successfully hit the road whenever you would like.