How a Swivel Seat Helps the Disabled Driver

If you think of swivel seats as nothing more than cushy pivoting desk chairs for office use, it is time to expand your horizons!   A swivel seat can be used in vehicles and is often a tremendous help to the disable driver.

In the simplest of terms, a swivel seat is any seat within a vehicle that is capable of facing more than one direction.   A traditional seat will allow you to look straight forward.   A swivel seat, on the other hand, can pivot to one’s left of right or for a full 180 degrees.   Let us look at how that flexibility can make life easier for the disabled driver.

This flexibility has important repercussions for the disabled driver.   If one finds it challenging to get in and out of his or her car due to the twisting and turning required by a traditional seat, the swivel chair is a great alternative.   When using a swivel seat, the driver can make the seat pivot so that he or she is looking directly out the door upon exit.   That makes it much easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

Swivel seats also offer utility in situations involving wheelchairs.   A swivel chair with full rotation can serve as a fantastic transfer seat for wheelchair users who prefer to drive from a more traditional seat.   The wheelchair user can enter the vehicle via a side entry ramp or lift, spin the swivel seat, and make the move from wheelchair to driver’s seat.   It makes the move from one seat to the other much easier than it would otherwise be.

Those are just two examples of how swivel seats can help the disabled driver.   There are actually many more.   That is because many other transfer seats and special seats designed to provide maximum handicapped accessibility would officially fall into the “swivel chair” category.   These could include anything from the aforementioned transfer seat to center passenger seats to customized driver’s seats.   Some have even been integrated as part of a wheelchair seat.

In the end, one thing is quite clear.   The ability of a swivel seat to pivot in multiple directions makes it uniquely valuable to the handicapped driver.   You do not need to be an office worker to get real value from a swivel seat!   They can play a huge role in improving the accessibility and comfort of vehicles for the disabled, too.