Viewpoint Mobility Wheelchair Vans Manufacturer

Exploring How Viewpoint Mobility’s “The Vision” Enhances Mobility

Viewpoint Mobility gives more mobility and road independence to a physically challenged individual with its creation of The Vision. Being the North American’s best handicap van, it is very reliable and can travel anywhere without risking comfort, safety and security. The Vision, a rear-entry van with lowered floor modification, is engineered on a DaimlerChrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda or Toyota minivans chassis.


The Vision is available in a manual or automatic conversion. In an automatic conversion, subsequently after pushing a button on the standard key chain remote, hand-held remote or interior switches, the rear hatch will open, and the ramp will deploy; and at the same time, the van will kneel to the ground in order to decrease the steepness of the inclined plane using hydraulic technology. During a power outage, automatic conversion can be operated manually if the need arises. On the other hand, manual conversion is as well as simple. It is done by opening the rear hatch and deploying the spring assisted and light weight aluminium ramp to the ground effortlessly, and the van is all set. However, manual conversion is best when there is an available caregiver or attendant.

Transfer Seats

To become extra interesting and appealing to the independent wheelchair consumer and become a perfect choice for a mobility van, Viewpoint Mobility installs a transfer seat either on the driver or passenger position, and equips the van with a high-quality hand control system. A vinyl slip cover is made available to decrease the friction that can be noticed in other types of seat cover materials.

Another advantage brought by The Vision is its diversity of seating alternatives to fit one’s preference. The Vision interior has enough room for ambulatory passengers and wheelchair or scooter users. Aside from a transfer seat on the driver or front passenger seat, inside The Vision is 30″ of extra space in the middle row bucket seats to allow wheelchair users sit next to other passengers. The Vision can accommodate up to seven passengers or two wheelchair or scooters by just simply folding down or folding up the rear bench seats, respectively.

Safety Standards

Of course, Viewpoint Mobility understands that safety is also vital. DaimlerChrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda or Toyota minivans are adapted without harming the original factory frame. And to verify, battery of tests was conducted to confirm that the conversion is safe. The assessment includes: crash, seat and seat-base, brake, emission and sound tests. In fact, every time tests are conducted, The Vision does not simply pass but exceptionally exceed the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) in US and CMVSS in Canada.