How Power Seat Bases Help the Disabled Driver

There is more to driving a vehicle than steering, shifting and operating the accelerator and brakes.   Before any of that enters the picture, one must be able to get behind the wheel–and he or she should be able to get out from the driver’s area safely and easily, as well.

That has often been a problem for disabled drivers.   Many individuals would be more than capable of driving their vehicles “as is” or with slight handicapped-friendly modifications, but find it problematic to do so because of problems getting in and out from behind the steering wheel.

Power seat bases are one way of tackling that problem.   They are designed to make it easier for people to enter and exit the “cockpit.”   These bases rest underneath the vehicle’s seat, allowing it to move via the use of a motor, as necessary, to improve accessibility.

There are many different kinds of power seat bases.   Some do little more than what you will find on a full-featured automobile.   They allow the seat to scoot away from or toward the steering wheel automatically.   Others are far more involved.   They may allow the seat to swivel and/or to elevate.   These variations can make it much easier for a disabled driver to make the move from his or her wheelchair to the driver’s seat or to enter and exit the vehicle safely.   Some involved mechanisms will actually allow the seat to swivel out of the driver’s compartment and to lower the driver to ground level.

All of these power seat bases share one thing in common–they make it much easier for drivers to get behind the wheel and to exit the vehicle after driving.

Due to the potential safety impact of these seat bases, it is important to have them installed by qualified professionals.   A mistake in installation could pose a serious risk to the driver, his or her passengers and others on the road.   This is not a “do it yourself” project and should be left in the hands of a qualified conversion expert.

Many handicapped individuals are fully capable of driving a vehicle.   They just need the right modifications.   Power seat bases help handicapped drivers by allowing them with a much easier way of getting in and out of the driver’s area.   They can make all of the difference in world, allowing people who otherwise would not be able to drive to enjoy greater levels of freedom and accessibility.