Obtaining Funding For Wheelchair Van Equipment

Modified vehicles are expensive but there are opportunities available to help get Wheelchair van equipment funding. If you are in need of wheelchair van equipment that research the various options detailed below that can help meet your needs.

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

These are state agencies that give help to disabled people to allow them to find ways to get out into the workforce. Some of these agencies are able to offer wheelchair vans and vehicle modifications to certain organizations or individuals. Call them to find out what programs they offer and how to qualify.

The Veterans Administration

The V.A. offers qualified veterans funding for modification equipment. To learn more about their programs you can look on their official website at www.va.gov

Churches and Charities

Many charitable organizations can provide help to make living with a disability easier. There are a vast amount of programs available with varying qualifications. Many libraries have a list of charitable service organizations in the area and state.

Manufacture Rebates

Many major vehicles companies, such as Toyota and Ford, will give rebates to people in need of modifying a new 63i vehicle due to disabilities. You will need to speak with a dealer to learn about all manufacture programs that are available.

Special Financing

The dealer may also be able to offer special terms when financing new vehicles that are modified for wheelchairs.