Points For Choosing A Wheelchair Lift

Those that are wheelchair bound often find transportation to be difficult and complicated.  Many opt to purchase specially equipped vans to make their transportation needs more simple.  One crucial part of a wheelchair accessible van is the wheelchair van lift.  Having a van equipped with the right lift will help wheelchair bound individuals get the most out of their van.

The first step is to choose a type of lift.  Lifts are available in hydraulic and electric.  Hydraulic lifts operate through hydraulic mechanics while electric lifts rely on electricity.  Each type has disadvantages and advantages.

The second step in choosing a lift is determining how much one wants to pay.  Hydraulic are more expensive, but even an electric lift will cost more than a thousand dollars.

In step 3 van wheelchair lift accessories should be chosen.  Accessories include kneeling features, floor ramps, undervehicle lifts, and cargo doors lifts.  Choosing the correct accessories can make a wheelchair van easier to use.  Drivers can even purchase remote control units which will control lifts remotely from either inside the van or a remote location outside.

The 4th step in choosing a wheelchair lift is having it installed.  Once an individual has chosen the model and accessories that are right for his or her individual needs, it is important to hire a qualified installer.  If the van that the lift is being installed on is already a handicap outfitted van, then the installation may only require minor adjustments.  If the van is a regular passenger van, then the process can be more complicated and labor intensive.  Either way it is important that whomever is doing the work is experienced and well qualified.

For a person in a wheelchair, choosing the right wheelchair lift is crucial.  Having a lift that they can easily use and operate gives them independence and mobility.