Spinal Cord Injury Grants And Loans For People Affected By Spine Problems

An injury can take place at any moment in life. Spinal cord injuries are very serious and should be taken care of very nicely. It can lead to paralysis if not treated on time. Spinal cord injury grants and loan programs will help in making it easier for you to get all the requirements of spinal cord injury. Whether its wheelchair or a handicap van, this program will make your injury trouble free.

There is no doubt that spinal cord injury can change your life drastically. You will be going through surgeries, tests, and a whole lot of other things. Doing daily life chores will not be that easy. An outfitted vehicle will be needed for transportation purposes. Wheelchair vans can be taken into consideration, to make your life get back to normal. These vans are installed with ramps either on the side of the van or in the rear. But the adverse part comes, when you see the price of these vans. They surely do not come cheap. This is when spinal cord injury grants and loans programs come into the picture. This program can cover the cost of your wheelchair van.

There are many non-profit organization which help people recover from a spinal cord injury.

Amongst these is SCORE which is an organization that essentially deals with those people who are majorly affected by spine injuries and need some counseling or therapy. This non-profit organization also assists in covering the medical bills and transportation.

Travis Roy Foundation is another non-profit organization dealing in the same field. It was founded in 1997. This Foundation is different from others as it funds the research of finding a cure for spine injuries. It is known that Travis Roy Foundation has donated over half a million to scientists and researchers to find a cure for spinal cord problems. The main founder Travis Roy was himself a patient of spine injury. This injury hit him hard when he was asked to give up on his successful hockey career. But now he has been an inspiration for many like him. ()

The Kevin Kitchnefsky Foundation provides grants to spine injury patients. The organization, which is mainly for spinal cord research, keeps about 30% aside to provide people equipment and other facilities. For people who live in Pennsylvania they can contact them, as it caters to only Pennsylvanian residents. The main objective of this Foundation is to find a cure for paralysis.  

Access Loans from Bank of America offers loans to those people who are disabled or suffer from any other physical problem. Loans are flexible and are given on wheelchair vans and other medical equipment.

Spinal cord injury grants and loans all work towards one motive. They want to completely alienate this major problem. Grants are offered by many organizations for various purposes. Any family or individual can consult the above mentioned programs to avail a loan and grant. These organizations have been proved to be life changing for many people, so they can change your life too.