Chrysler Entervan Combines Comfort and Function


A Rampvan doesn’t have to lack style or resemble a box on wheels. The Chrysler Entervan, manufactured with the help of wheelchair van company BraunAbility, has been proving this for over two decades.

The Entervan looks like any other high-end Chrysler minivan as it drives down the street. And that’s the point. There’s no reason why a rampvan can’t boast the same flash and style as does any other vehicle.

Of course, just because the Chrysler Entervan looks like any other vehicle on the road, that doesn’t mean it’s not unique. The engineers at Braun have designed a minivan that any rider or driver in a wheelchair can easily enter and exit. The wide range of accessibility features makes all the difference the difference in the world to the wheelchair users who invest in Entervans.

thumbs 2012 chrysler entervanf9e17b1e84c0af5f23f3f8cfad1a879a Chrysler Entervan Combines Comfort and FunctionFor example, the Entervan’s standard-issue remote allows drivers or passengers to simply click on one button to open the van’s sliding door. This same button press also causes the wheelchair ramp to unfold. Wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers will find it easy to get into and out of the Entervan thanks to its dual sliding doors. Passengers can open each door either automatically or manually.

Those are just the beginning of this rampvan’s accessibility features. One of the more impressive ones is the auto-kneel feature. Whenever the sliding door opens, the¬†Entervan’s rear suspension lowers until it stands just inches above the ground.

Once the vehicle is in its final “kneeling”¬Ě position, wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers both can enter the Entervan without having to negotiate a difficult incline. Even caregivers pushing manual wheelchairs will easily maneuver passengers into and out of the vehicle.

Finally, there is the power lift gate, a feature that is particularly useful for wheelchair users. Instead of having to manually open or close the Entervan’s rear hatch, which can require a great deal of strength and leverage, passengers can simply press a button to cause the rear door to lift or close. This gives wheelchair users quick access to the vehicle’s rear cargo area and its spare tire in case of an unexpected flat.

thumbs 2010 chrysler entervan14ebb37ac8939f2befb8de586291ccd9d Chrysler Entervan Combines Comfort and FunctionThe van also boasts several interior features designed to make the ride as comfortable as possible for passengers in wheelchairs. This includes an interior floor that is up to 10 inches lower than in conventional minivans. Thanks to this, wheelchair users can remain in their chairs during the ride and still enjoy the scenery as it passes by.

The Entervan makes it easy for wheelchair users who want to ride up front or drive. Users simply have to unlock the seat base and roll the entire seat out of the van. This leaves plenty of room for wheelchairs in the Entervan’s front half. It’s easy, too, to reinstall the seats into the Entervan when a new seating arrangement is needed. Best of all, the seats are lightweight enough so that moving them into and out of the vehicle does not require an inordinate amount of muscle power.

Storage space is important in any minivan.

The engineers at BraunAbility recognize this, and have made sure that the Chrysler Entervan wheelchair van boasts some ingenious storage areas.

For instance, the van comes with a pair of storage compartments under its floor. Thanks to these storage areas, you won’t have to knock into the spare tire and other important tools and supplies when you’re riding in the Entervan. The storage compartments also leave space for you to stow your luggage and other cargo when you’re taking longer trips.

With such a long list of features, and such a stylish design, it’s little wonder that the Chrysler Entervan has remained a strong seller for more than 20 years. Buyers recognize that Chrysler and BraunAbility did not sacrifice aesthetics for function, but instead focused their energies on creating the perfect marriage between the two.

If you’re in the market for a new rampvan, you might want to investigate the classic Entervan. There’s a reason that it’s been traveling the roads for more than two decades.