Wheelchair Accessible Sienna Rampvan Maintains Toyota’s Reputation for Quality

Toyota has long received praise for the quality of its vehicles. Cars and trucks such as the Camry, Corolla and Sienna have earned outstanding marks from consumers and the auto industry press alike for both their performance and safety standards.

It’s little surprise, then, that the Toyota Sienna Rampvan Conversion for disabled riders has generated the same type of positive attention.

Toyota has teamed up with BraunAbility, a manufacturer of wheelchair lifts and wheelchair vans, to create two Sienna Rampvan models: These models include the “infloor” and the “foldout” ramp versions. Both of them make it easy for passengers in wheelchairs or scooters to get into and out of the van. And they both include the same style and safety features that make the Toyota Sienna one of the more popular minivans on the market.

This particular rampvan is loaded with special features designed to make it as comfortable a ride as possible for people with mobility issues. The Braun Toyota Sienna Rampvan, for example, boasts one of the tallest door openings in the industry, according to Toyota.

It also comes with significant ground clearance and an abundance of headroom in the minivan’s center. The van beats out its competitors when it comes to floor space, too, having the widest floor on the market. Again, this provides maximum comfort for riders in scooters or wheelchairs.

Weight is no problem, either.   The Sienna Rampvan comes with a carrying capacity of 1,463 pounds with the standard conversion that includes a pair of quick-release front seats. The standard conversion adds no weight to the vehicle.

Staying on the road

thumbs 2010 toyota sienna ext d4c3945b7f4fabcad9822aa315e9da0e Wheelchair Accessible Sienna Rampvan Maintains Toyotas Reputation for QualityOwners won’t be making frequent stops at the gas station, either. The Sienna Rampvan has a 20-galloon fuel tank. This is a change from many other rampvans, which require smaller-than-normal mufflers and specially designed fuel tanks. Most competitors have reduced capacity fuel tanks, ensuring that their owners will have to stop at the gas station far too often.

The rampvan comes with a generous array of standard equipment, too. This includes several wheelchair tie-down points, an emergency-door ramp release, removable driver’s and passenger seats, power-sliding rear and side doors and a power ramp with three control switches.

Because the Sienna Rampvan’s front seating can be moved from the driver’s side to the passenger side, people in wheelchairs can quickly move between the driving and riding positions. For even more convenience, riders can rely on an optional key chain that when held before a switch hidden in the Sienna’s rear taillight automatically opens the door and sends out the wheelchair ramp. As an added safety feature, the ramp will stop its movement and reverse its direction if it should bump into something.

Multiple Options

thumbs 2009 toyota sienna int 8ce5583d913561799d128c7fd0563c34 Wheelchair Accessible Sienna Rampvan Maintains Toyotas Reputation for QualityToyota is known for giving its consumers plenty of options when it comes to its standard cars. This is the case, too, with its Sienna Rampvan.

According to Toyota press, the Sienna Rampvan comes in two versions with right-side access. The infloor model comes with an entry ramp on the right side and a 10-inch lowered floor. This floor is important because it decreases the needed ramp angle. This allows drivers to deploy the ramp onto curbs, and makes the van easier to enter and exit while also boosting the amount of interior headroom.

The ramp, which is 30 inches wide with a one-inch lip on both sides, extends from a hidden pocket under the Sienna’s floor. Toyota says that the full extension of this ramp only takes five seconds once the van’s power sliding door is opened completely.

The Sienna Rampvan foldout model comes with a ramp that folds out of the right side sliding door opening. This van boasts an 11-inch lowered floor. This version of the minivan comes with a door-opening height of slightly more than 54 inches.

The Sienna only boosts Toyota’s already strong credibility. As they do with all of their vehicles, Toyota’s engineers have focused on the smallest details to build a rampvan that’s both safe and fun to drive.