Braun Buick Terraza Envervan Wheelchair Van: Perfect For Tall Riders

It’s a common complaint among wheelchair users: Their wheelchair vans just don’t offer enough headroom. They’re too tall to sit in them comfortably. Fortunately, these folks do have options.   One of them is the Buick Terraza wheelchair van, a wheelchair accessible van that offers enough interior room for even the tallest of riders. The Terraza conversion even boasts a doorway height of 56 inches, a height that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. It’s also a height that that will accommodate even the tallest wheelchair users.This is important. It’s easy for wheelchair users to get uncomfortable on long rides. This is especially true if these riders are tall. They need their extra headroom, and the Terraza provides it.

There’s another benefit that comes with buying a Buick Terraza wheelchair conversion van: The Buick Terraza traditional car is no longer produced, with Buick rolling out its last model in 2007. This means that these vehicles generally sell either used or for lower prices than do newer model vehicles. If you’re looking for a reliable and functional wheelchair van that doesn’t cost a small fortune, the Buick Terraza might be the perfect choice for you.


thumbs 2007 buick terraza88cecb67e906316853f21bcfc63c59431 Braun Buick Terraza Envervan Wheelchair Van: Perfect For Tall RidersThe Buick Terraza was never a top-selling minivan. In fact, GM “the parent company of Buick”  has decided to leave the minivan business completely. But while the Terraza never caught on with the public, no one ever doubted the vehicle’s reliability or safety. Owners rarely complained that the Terraza ended up in the repair shop too often. And the vehicle met or exceeded all federal crash-test safety standards. These two factors alone make the Terraza a worthy entry in the mobility van industry. If you’re looking for a wheelchair van that will keep you and your passengers as safe as possible, and stay running with little attention from you, the Buick Terraza, while not a flashy vehicle, might be the right choice for you.


Space Issues

thumbs 2007 buick terraza65bc93434a07794ede259181e939b8288 Braun Buick Terraza Envervan Wheelchair Van: Perfect For Tall RidersThe Terraza’s top selling point is the amount of interior space it offers. Wheelchair users won’t feel confined as they ride in the rear of the vehicle. If you can find models with easily removable front seats, you’ll find that there is plenty of room for wheelchair users in the driver- or passenger-side front seats. Then there’s the headroom issue. Because the Terraza features 56-inch-high doorways, it’s little trouble for wheelchair or scooter users to get in and out. Once inside, riders will find that there is plenty of interior space. There’s so much, in fact, that no one will feel cramped, even if there are wheelchairs or scooters taking up room, too. Finally, the Buick Terraza has always been a strong performer. The minivan takes corners well, accelerates quickly for a larger vehicle and is easy to handle. It’s a good choice for anyone who will be driving their very first minivan.

Exercise Caution

thumbs 2007 buick terraza7387fc474409fef78c409b512c391ec60 Braun Buick Terraza Envervan Wheelchair Van: Perfect For Tall RidersYou should be cautious when purchasing a Buick Terraza wheelchair conversion van. The odds are high that you’ll be purchasing a used vehicle. This is good if you’re concerned about price. Used conversion vans carry far lower price tags than do new ones. However, when you buy a used rampvan, you never know what problems you are buying, too.

That’s why it’s important to always test drive any used wheelchair van, including the Buick Terraza, before you buy it. If possible, you should also have a mechanic whom you trust look over the vehicle for any possible serious problems. You should be especially aware of safety issues. You don’t want to endanger your passengers by taking a vehicle on the highways if it’s not appropriately road-safe. It might be a challenge finding a Buick Terraza wheelchair van. Because the vehicle was never a big seller and many mobility van dealerships might not offer it. However, if you are persistent, the Terraza can prove the right choice for you. The combination of affordable price and plenty of headroom is a very credible selection.