Comfort is Key with the Chevrolet Express Mobility Van

When you’re shopping for a wheelchair van, you’re looking for several things: You want a van that’s reliable and that won’t require constant maintenance. You want one that exceeds federally mandated safety standards. You don’t want to spend a fortune. If it looks good, that’s a nice bonus. Fortunately, the Chevrolet Express Mobility Van meets all these requirements.

Chevrolet’s entry in the wheelchair van category boasts the most important features that wheelchair or scooter users require: An abundant amount of interior space, lots of extra storage and easy in-and-out access. Owners can also easily add such aftermarket accessories as running boards, driver aids and wheelchair lifts from appropriate suppliers.

The Express is also a stylish vehicle. Unlike boxy minivans, the Express cuts a dramatic figure as it zips down the highway. It may be a minivan, but it has the sleek look of a sports car.

This combination of good looks and functionality has made the Chevrolet Express Mobility Van a top seller in the wheelchair van market.

Access is a Breeze

thumbs 2000 chevrolet express 539e4586afa9e1b1d1ed1a0e0230118f1 Comfort is Key with the Chevrolet Express Mobility VanLike the best mobility vans on the market, the Chevrolet Express makes it easy for wheelchair or scooter users to get in and out. That’s because the vehicle’s right passenger door opens approximately 44 inches wide. That’s more than enough room for most large scooters and wheelchairs.

Owners also have flexibility when it comes to the right-side passenger door. Chevrolet offers it in a 60/40 panel door configuration or as a sliding door variety.

The easy-access features don’t stop here, though. The Chevrolet Express, along with its sister vehicle the GMC Savana, are the only full-size wheelchair vans to offer driver-side 60/40 swing-out doors. This provides extra access for both cargo and passengers, though the driver-side doors only open wide enough to accommodate standard-size wheelchairs.

The vehicle’s rear-panel doors also swing open wide, 165 degrees in all. This makes it easy to store wheelchairs, scooters or their accessories.

Standard Comforts

thumbs amerivan eldarado 4 edc557044de2a38829e12443a8760697c6 Comfort is Key with the Chevrolet Express Mobility VanThe Express mobility van also comes with standard amenities that make the ride as comfortable as possible for passengers in wheelchairs or scooters.

This includes rear air conditioning and a supplemental heater. These features make sure that riders in the rear, which often include wheelchair users, are sitting in a comfortable environment, no matter how hot or cold it happens to be outside. The Express also controls interior temperatures in an environmentally friendly way with its solar-ray deep-tinted glass in the van’s rear side windows and back door windows. This tint prevents the glare of the sun from making the Express’ interior temperatures rise too high.



thumbs 2000 chevrolet express 65f19858931f9fe9f765ca85b3924a96b Comfort is Key with the Chevrolet Express Mobility VanAll vehicles need to be safe. But safety is even more of an issue for vans transporting wheelchair or scooter users. Fortunately, the Chevrolet Express wheelchair van not only meets federal safety standards, but beats them.

It’s not surprising, then, that the federal government has given the Express mobility van its highest frontal crash-test rating, five stars, for both the driver and front-seat passenger.

The Express relies on technology to achieve this high safety rating. The mobility van uses an array of sensors that are coupled with a master electronic control module that constantly monitors the driver’s steering. The module measures everything from steering angle to wheel speed to brake pressure. The system’s patented StabiliTrak system kicks in when it senses that one or more of the Express’ wheels are slipping. The system also switches on when it senses that the Express is slipping to its side or fishtailing.

In addition to this technology, the Express wheelchair van also comes standard with four-wheel anti-lock brakes and dynamic rear proportioning. These features work together to help drivers retain steering control in even the worst weather conditions. They do this by preventing the van’s wheels from locking up when its driver brakes hard on the most slippery of surfaces.

You have several wheelchair vans from which to choose. If you’re looking for a combination of safety, style and function, though, you should investigate a Chevrolet Express wheelchair van. It may prove to be the ideal rampvan for you and your family.