Honda Odyssey Northstar Conversion Makes History

thumbs honda odyssey 2011 b1d2de567b9834bfa4ba5e913909bd95 Honda Odyssey Northstar Conversion Makes HistoryThe Honda Odyssey has long been a favorite of minivan owners. Now it can be a favorite for drivers searching for a reliable and stylish wheelchair van.

That’s because VMI, a nationwide provider of mobility vans, has converted this popular minivan into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Now wheelchair users can enjoy the special features and top performance that Honda Odyssey owners have long experienced.

VMI has been creating Odyssey wheelchair conversions since 2006. The vans have only grown in popularity since then, a testament to the quality of the conversion.


Comfort and Accessibility

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 967e3c2b3ee56efcd83d6a8f6432d60a Honda Odyssey Northstar Conversion Makes HistoryThe engineers at VMI designed the Honda Odyssey wheelchair van, with its Northstar conversion package, so that it would retain all of the features that make the Odyssey one of the top-selling minivans in the United States. This means that the conversion version of the Odyssey displays as much power and performance while on the road. It also looks as sleek and stylish as does the traditional Honda Odyssey.

But where the conversion differs from the standard Honda Odyssey is in its accessibility features. The VMI Northstar conversion means that the Odyssey wheelchair van offers a convenient side entry and lowered floors.

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 761fd6618922a138e1f978f1c801a9ec Honda Odyssey Northstar Conversion Makes History

Standard features of the conversion package include an 11-inch lowered floor, entry that is controlled automatically by remote control, removable front seats and a special system that allows the Odyssey to kneel closer to the pavement, something that makes getting into and out of the van even easier.

Even better, the Odyssey wheelchair van offers more interior room than does any other premium minivan on the market. This is an essential feature for wheelchair users, and ensures that they’ll have a more comfortable ride.

Loaded with features

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 99e9416d962f3aaf482826dfca1461f9 Honda Odyssey Northstar Conversion Makes HistoryMany wheelchair vans skimp on the features. That’s not the case with the Honda Odyssey wheelchair van. In addition to the vehicle’s roomy interiors, the Odyssey conversion features a power ramp that comes with a safety-tested non-skid surface, power doors that can also be opened manually and an emergency ramp release system to help prevent injuries.

The removable front seat bases mean that wheelchair users can ride up front if they’d like. And they can do it with ease, knowing that there is plenty of room for them to enjoy the ride from the comfort of their wheelchairs.

The Odyssey also features one of the lowest ramp angles of any wheelchair accessible van on the market. This is a feature that both wheelchair users and their caregivers will enjoy. The lower ramp angle makes it easier for wheelchair users to get into and out of the Odyssey conversion. It also requires less muscle on the part of caregivers who have to push wheelchair users into the vehicle.

Finally, the one-touch remote-control operation of the accessibility system is a wonder to behold. With just a single press of a button, owners will cause the minivan to “kneel” closer to the ground, open its accessible side doors and unfold its wheelchair ramp. Once all of the passengers are inside the vehicle, owners can start the process over again in reverse with just one more button press. It’s one of the simplest systems available.

A Long History

VMI got its start in 1987. Since then, it’s been manufacturing and distributing reliable and high-quality wheelchair accessible vehicles. The company’s product line includes domestic and import minivan conversions, full-size van conversions and platform lifts.

VMI also manufactures scooter and wheelchair lifts and transfer seats. The goal of VMI’s engineers is to allow wheelchair and scooter users to travel in comfort and style.

The company works with several car companies to create its wheelchair vans. This includes Honday. VMI today purchases Odyssey minivans from the carmaker and then modifies them on a busy assembly line located at the company’s manufacturing facility in Phoenix.

VMI made a bit of history when it shipped its first Honda Odyssey Northstar conversion vans to mobility dealers across the country on Oct. 10 of 2006. Since then, the Odyssey wheelchair van has become one of the first choices of wheelchair users and their loved ones.