How Removable Seating Helps the Disabled Driver

Removable seating provides increased flexibility for the disabled drivers and his or her passengers.   Being able to remove and replace seats within a van allows its owner to create ideal layouts for managing his or her own needs and those of the vehicle’s passengers.

When you can remove seats, it provides additional space to allow for easier entrance and exit to and from the van for those in wheelchairs.   A nice ramp is a great idea, but its utility is marginal if negotiating the route from the top of the ramp into the vehicle is difficult.   Removable seating makes it possible to have the necessary space for entry.   If you can imagine trying to set up side entry access for a wheelchair with standard seats in place, you will quickly be able to understand the value of removable seating options.

The ability to remove seats and replace them with tie-downs, EZ locks or other devices also makes it possible to transport other wheelchair users within the van.   When you can remove the “stock” seats, you have much more flexibility than you otherwise would.   You will find yourself able to handle a wide variety of situations.

The fact that your customizations are reversible adds to the value of removable seating.   There may be situations in which traditional bench seats are exactly what you need to handle a full van of non-wheelchair using occupants.   When your van features removable seats, you can quickly have your van ready to handle just about any possible situation.

Today, most vans come with removable seating.   The days when van seats were a permanent part of the vehicle’s structure are gone.   Most now have levers and switches that make them relatively easy to disengage and to remove.   Some may still offer bolted-down seats, but that is becoming increasingly rare.   While these removable seats may not always be manageable by the wheelchair user, they should be something that a helper can handle with relative ease.

Removable seating makes it easier to set up your van to meet your specific needs.   It does so without forcing permanent alterations to the vehicles, leaving overall flexibility intact.   It is no wonder that removable seats have become a norm for regular use and wheelchair vans alike.   This simple development has had a tremendous impact on disabled drivers and passengers alike, providing more flexibility and greater opportunities for ideal accessibility, as well.