The Truth About Wheelchair Vans With Left Foot Accelerators

Safety Issues Regarding Wheelchair Vans With Left Foot Accelerators

There are people who think that left foot accelerators are not safe for any type of driver. These concerns were raised after some mobility equipment companies halted the sale of these devices. While there is no real evidence to prove that vehicles with left foot accelerators are unsafe, dealers have decided stop selling these vehicle in response to dozens of lawsuits filed against them by victims of accidents involving vehicles with left foot accelerators.

Experts in Driver Rehabilitation will tell you that the only challenge problem caused by these devices is the difficulty experienced by trainees when trying to get used to them. However, the device itself does not pose any danger. In fact, it is very useful for people who have right sided paralysis.

People who have used mechanical equipment such as stick shifts or hi-lo’s usually have an easy time getting used to left foot accelerators. However, drivers of handicap vans fitted with these devices often have to concentrate very hard when driving in order to avoid confusing between the brake and the gas pedals. During training, people with disabilities are known to confuse the two pedals when driving wheelchair vans with left foot accelerators.

Left Foot Gas Pedal Anecdote

Left foot gas pedals are very useful especially when a handicapped driver is approaching an intersection but the oncoming vehicles do not give way. The brakes can be used to avoid the vehicles from colliding. The right leg will provide the force required to push the brake pedal as hard as possible and stop the vehicle instantly.

Extensive training is required for those who wish to use vehicles fitted with left foot accelerators. These trainees must not be allowed to drive on the same roads as experienced drivers. However, after 7 weeks or more of rigorous training, these drivers can be allowed to drive on the same roads as other licensed drivers.

While most people consider left foot accelerators dangerous devices, the only time it poses a serious threat to other road users is when an unfit driver is driving a vehicle fitted with the device. New drivers should do a lot of practice away from other road users until they are ready to share public roads with experienced drivers.