Powered Dual Sliding Doors Make Accessible Entry Easy

You need to be able to get in and out of your wheelchair van or handicapped-accessible vehicle.   For some people, that’s not a big issue.   For others, it’s a very significant problem.

Those who struggle with traditional hinge mounted doors can really struggle with their vehicles.   They find it hard to open the doors and when it comes time to close them, it can be extremely difficult to get things shut all the way.   Vehicle doors tend to be heavy and operating them from a wheelchair or power chair can be extremely challenging.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem:   Dual sliding doors.   Many vehicles now feature dual sliding doors powered by an electric motor.   You can open and close the doors of your van with the push of a single button located on the door, within the vehicle itself or on a keychain remote control.   That’s a lot easier than trying to operate a handle from a wheelchair or struggling with a heavy side van door!

It’s not hard to see what a difference that could make!   Instead of struggling and fighting a potentially losing battle every time you want to use your vehicle, you can instead push a simple button to manage the otherwise difficult process.

Not only do these dual sliding doors make access easier in terms of dealing with handles, hinges and the rest, they can also provide for a larger opening when unloading or loading a wheelchair into the vehicle.

If you have problems with traditional doors, you will definitely want to consider looking for a vehicle with powered dual sliding doors.   Either that or you’ll want to consult with a conversion company who can transform your van by installing this incredibly popular option.

Dual sliding doors aren’t necessarily the easiest conversion to install, but they may be more affordable than you think.   If you’re buying a new van, you’ll be happy to know that most manufacturers make them an option on most new vehicles.   Your van may roll right off the assembly line with those highly sought after dual sliding doors already in place.