Full-Size Wheelchair Van Buying Options

About Full-Size Wheelchair Vans Buying Options

Purchasing a full-size wheelchair van is a serious investment. Those who will have long term wheelchair needs, though, will benefit from investing in a full size vehicle rather than a smaller vehicle. More so, if you are trying to lift a person out of a wheelchair to place them in a standard car, you could be injuring yourself, not to mention the other person. Rather, consider an investment in a full-size wheelchair van.

The Flexibility of Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

Full-size wheelchair vans provide buying power. A variety of manufacturers do offer them, including Ford, Chevrolet, Honda and Toyota. However, it is not necessary the make or the model number that you should focus on. Rather, focus on what the vehicle can offer to you on the road.

Powerful: The engine size of any vehicle is important, but for pulling heavy equipment, you should select a full-size wheelchair van over a minivan. It gives you more power for easier driving. More so, some vehicles now offer powered folding wheelchair ramps. Once installed, they make using these ramps easy.

Lowered Floors: One reason it is difficult to purchase a minivan over a larger conversion van is the headroom. Since a wheelchair sits higher in the van than a traditional seat, the individual simply may not fit in a minivan. Lowered floors (both sub and fully lowered) can make this no problem at all.

Enhancements: Adaptive equipment is readily available for many of these vans. You may find features such as steering devices, power seats, power sliding doors, removable seats and even remote entry. Raised side and rear doors, tie downs and lifts are additions you can add on to most any full-sized wheelchair.

Safety: In some crash tests, full-size wheelchair vans have shown better safety levels than smaller vehicles. However, look at the individual vehicle’s safety performance before investing in any van specifically.

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What to Look for in Full-Sized Wheelchair Vans

As you consider all of the options you have in full-sized wheelchair vans, a few features are particularly important to look for and consider. Determine how well these features meet your particular needs, especially when comparing one make or model to another.

  • Is the vehicle side entry or rear entry? This plays a role in the layout of the vehicle as well the amount of room available.
  • What options are available for ramps and lifts? Which option do you prefer or need?
  • Do you need a transfer seat that lowers to ground level for each maneuvering of the individual? If so, look for a full-sized wheelchair van offering this particular feature.
  • Kneeling is another option some manufacturers offer. If necessary, consider if the vehicle automatically does this.
  • Scooter accessibility is also important. Some vehicles offer scooter lifts or ramps.

Full-size wheelchair vans offer an opportunity for the individual to get back on the road of life. If you are looking for space and features, then these vans may accommodate your particular needs. Do look for vehicles that allow customization, too.