Tips for Selecting the Right Wheelchair Van for Your Needs

There are thousands of wheelchair vans available for purchase from all of the major auto   companies. You can find wheelchair vans from Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and even Buick–and those are just the U.S. manufacturers.

You’ll have no shortage of options when trying to find a wheelchair van. You can buy new or used and you can choose the style, size and features that will meet your particular needs and lifestyle choices.

Purchasing a New Wheelchair Van

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 9728027c28683a3bbfd6bd029fc4dadb Tips for Selecting the Right Wheelchair Van for Your NeedsMost wheelchair vans will last about ten years after they roll off the assembly line before they buyer will see a need for any major repairs.

The parts and equipment inside the van, which are specially designed for handicapped persons, might not last as long as the van itself.

Both the base van and the added features do require regular maintenance and care in order to prevent the needs for more serious and expensive repairs.

New wheelchair vans vary in price depending on the brand of the vehicle, its size, and the nature of the installed specialty equipment. New vans range in price from as low as $21,000 to as high as $41,000 for “standard” models.   It’s possible to spend a great deal more for a high-end van with extensive customizations.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a brand new wheelchair, you must consider the higher prices of new vans and the expenses associated with financing them.   New vehicles can be a nice choice, but many people find that used vans are a better fit for them.

Purchasing a Used Wheelchair Van

thumbs 2010 toyota sienna int a985d4368a866ab6f7d2c058f460a0de Tips for Selecting the Right Wheelchair Van for Your NeedsMany people in the industry argue that one should look almost exclusively at used wheelchair vans that are less than three years old.   They reason that the wear and tear on equipment and the vehicle itself justifies the purchase of late model vans and that older units could have a series of costly repairs looming right around the corner.

Three years is a decent rule of thumb, but buyers should consider other factors when making a determination regarding a used vehicle.   Mileage, the nature of past use, service history, the quality of the vehicle itself and other variables are important.

When purchasing a used wheelchair van, you should have the vehicle inspected by your mechanic to make sure that there are no glaring problems with the engine, transmission or other major systems.

You should consider the presence of a warranty on the used vehicle and if it is a certified used vehicle. If you can’t secure a dealer warranty or manufacturer certification, you may want to look at a different vehicle.

Deciding between a new wheelchair van and the purchase of a used model involves looking at a number of variables and then interpreting the data based on safety needs, reliability considerations, price and any other factors that may be important to you.   It’s not an easy decision, but those who approach the matter carefully rarely make purchases they later regret.