Explorer Vans: Veterans in the Conversion Business

Ordering a conversion van isn’t a simple process. You want to make sure that your wheelchair accessible van provides the utmost in comfort, reliability and safety for you   and your passengers.

The best way to do this is to work with a veteran of the accessible van industry, and few companies have worked in the conversion business for as many years as has Explorer Vans.

The Explorer Van Company got its start in 1980. That’s when founder Bob Kesler’s Warsaw, Indiana, auto business, besieged by a weak economy, was in danger of going under. Kesler’s son, Steve, introduced Bob to a conversion van. At first Bob struggled to believe that these revamped minivans were selling. But they were.

Recognizing a potential market, the Keslers went on to create Explorer Van Company. Today, this company is one of the leaders in the van conversion business. The company works with Ford, GMC and Chevrolet base models to develop conversion vans that fit any customer’s needs.

You can easily convert Explorer Vans to wheelchair accessible vehicles. You’ll simply need to purchase a portable folding ramp and some wheelchair or scooter tie-downs. The Explorer Van Company will do the rest. And when you work with them, you can be confident that you’ll benefit from their nearly three decades in the conversion van business.

Safety is the Key

Explorer conversion vans are guaranteed to be safe. For one thing, the vans feature a turning radius that is as compact as those boasted by full-size SUVs and minivans. Explorer’s vans also come with four-wheel anti-lock braking systems and air bags for the driver and front-side passenger.

All vehicle owners should take safety seriously, of course. But buyers who plan to convert their vans to wheelchair-accessible vehicles have an even greater obligation to seek out those vehicles that not only meet but beat federal safety standards.

The conversion vans manufactured by Explorer Van Company do this.

Custom Options

One of the benefits of buying a conversion van from Explorer Van Company is that you can customize it in most any way you see fit. The company lets its clients decide exactly what options and amenities to include in their GMC, Ford or Chevrolet conversion vans.

According to the Explorer Van Company Web site, customers can order real wood trim, leather seating, GPS navigation, heated seats and high-end luxury sound and entertainment systems. They can even ask have a high-definition TV installed in their van.

The many options mean that you can create an Explorer van that is as luxurious, or simple, as you like. Therefore, there’s certain to be an Explorer conversion van that’s right for you.

Making the Conversion

Once you purchase an Explorer Van conversion, you’ll still   need to pay to have the vehicle made wheelchair accessible. This will probably entail having the floor lowered to increase headroom and having a manual or power folding ramp installed.

When considering the ramp, you’ll have to keep several factors in mind. A power ramp is certainly easier. You only have to press a single button to command the ramp to extend from the conversion van and settle onto the pavement. Another button press reverses the process. It’s a simple, effort-free process.

Manual ramps take more work. As the name suggests, you’ll have to manually extend the ramp to allow wheelchair and scooter users to access the inside of your Explorer Van. However, there is one big benefit that comes with a manual folding ramp: price. Manual folding ramps cost far less than do automatic ones.

You’ll also want to consider if you want your conversion van to feature removable driver- and passenger-side front seats. Having such an option makes it easy for wheelchair users to sit in the front of the vehicle. However, this option will add additional costs to your wheelchair van conversion.

You have a lot to consider when buying a wheelchair van. Fortunately, if you want to work with a company that’s specialized in the conversion industry for nearly 30 years, there isn’t much choice at all: Explorer Van Company has the experience and record of quality that you want.