About Wheelchair Minivans

Wheelchair minivans combine the smaller size and comfort of the traditional minivan with the accessibility of a wheelchair, full size van. For those who are looking for a way to easily drive from place to play, these minivans fit the bill.

What Is A Wheelchair Minivan?

thumbs dodge grandcaravan 2012 ae1e7d5e8c0eada8d0095779bce74f03 About Wheelchair MinivansA wheelchair minivan is the approximate size and design of a traditional minivan. However, it offers mobility for those who are wheelchair bound. Adaptive equipment adds to this minivan to make it easier for the user to get into and out of the van properly with the necessary wheelchair.


The key benefits of this option, as compared to a traditional conversion style van for wheelchair users include the following:

  • The minivan style is easier for a driver to maneuver because it handles more like a passenger car rather than a large, cumbersome van.
  • With large door openings and adaptive technology, it functions quite similarly to a full size wheelchair van.
  • Varieties of manufacturers produce this type of minivan, specific with the equipment combinations that the individual needs. You do have options!
  • The smaller size also allows for easier parking and access into garages better than traditional, full size vans.
  • These minivans are modern and can come with modern upgrades throughout.

The key question to ask is this. If you want a lower price and a more convenient to drive vehicle with wheelchair accessibility, do you want a wheelchair minivan or a larger conversion style van? For many, the convenience of a minivan makes the most difference here.

Are You Buying One Yet?

Learning about wheelchair minivans is a good start, but you also want to consider purchasing one. Luckily, many vehicle manufacturers are now offering this type of vehicle specific to the needs of the consumer.

  • Toyota’s Sienna XLE is an option.
    It contains a lift up feature and power mobility seats, making it easy for the individual to sit comfortably as any other rider.
  • Dodge’s Grand Caravan is another option.
    Here, you have a powerful vehicle with adaptive mobility systems. This vehicle may include a wheelchair ramp.
  • The Ford Freestar is a good option for many.
    This vehicle offers a rear entry with wheelchair transport. Up to two wheelchairs and four passengers may ride at the same time.
  • For Chevrolet lovers, consider the Venture wheelchair minivan.
    You may customize it, too, to accommodate your particular needs.

thumbs honda odyssey 2009 6b995d775627b6e48b2c4fda4daad12a About Wheelchair Minivans

Other manufacturers include Scion, Chrysler, El Dorado, Explorer Van and Honda offer similar versions. Each one is a bit different from the next, but most manufacturers offer several adaptive technologies to accommodate the needs of the individual.

Learning about wheelchair minivans is a great step. It can allow you to see just how easy it can be to transport your loved one from place to place, using the latest technology and upgrades. Some of these minivans are available used, or you can visit your local dealer, have the van customized for you with the specifications suitable to your needs and purchase that way.