What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Choosing a vehicle when confined to a wheelchair is a big undertaking. However, with all the models and information available, zeroing in on what you want and need, has become an easier task.

Wheelchair accessible vans have made life fuller and more convenient for a disabled person. With many choices to choose from the possibilities are almost limitless. Whether purchasing, renting or leasing, the modified van offers the world in overdrive.

Wheelchair Accessible Van Explained

thumbs dodge caravan 2008 e2b86432eab8e75e4ab17d36000ab68f What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?Wheelchair accessible vans are used by people confined to a wheelchair. They are equipped with special ramps, floors and roofs. The accessible vans make driving, riding and traveling much easier for persons with disabilities. Further, they offer flexibility in design and style.

Vans come with driver side, passenger side or rear ramp access. Equipment can include power lifts or ramps. The power lift brings the wheelchair in line with the van’s floor, where the chair can be placed, and safely secured. A ramp allows the chair to be easily rolled into the van.

Options in Style and Comfort

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 9b3cd60517f93f3b49b5189ceb7f0c8f What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?The options available to individual purchasing an accessible van are almost as limitless as a non-wheelchair accessible van. From keyless entry to leather seats, they are yours for the asking. Variety in colors and special options, such as, chrome or custom wheels and graphics can be added to the vehicle.

Ramps can be made to slide in or fold up inside the van. It is all a matter of preference and budget. The rear entry option allows parking in any space, if the handicap spots are filled. For the disabled individual that drives, the driver side ramp is a very important feature. Again, features and options, above the mandatory functions, are a personal preference.

Buying, Renting or Converting a Van

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 8e5e6d2856ad331e3ecb57547b411dff What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?Affordability can sometimes be an obstacle when looking to buy a wheelchair accessible van. Financial assistance with the purchase may be available, depending upon the disability. Check this option out with the dealer, or your agency governing your disability before you buy. Many dealers offer financing of the wheelchair accessible vans.

Wheelchair accessible vans can be purchased new or used. They can also be rented. Depending on the states requirement for accessible vehicles, conversions of an existing unit may be possible. The laws vary from state to state in regard to weight, height and size specifications. Your modified dealer–specialist in mobility equipment–can be a huge help in this area.

Choosing Your Van

thumbs honda odyssey 2011 35e0ae96f873e4ef147e08b3e58083d9 What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?Choosing the right wheelchair van is important. Once you have decided on the features you want, it is important to determine the expanded functionality. The number of people traveling with you will mandate size. As to the type of lift, take note that only a full size van can accommodate a power lift. The minivan cannot.

Flexibility is movement once inside the van should be considered. The height of a wheelchair varies as much as the height of the person in it. This will be another defining factor as related to the build or modification of a vehicle. The bottom line is that the accessible van must work for you and not you for it.