Can Wheelchair Minivans Change Your Life?

Wheelchair minivans are smaller versions of the traditional conversion van commonly used for transportation for those in wheelchairs. Although these devices are still an excellent choice for most, many turn to the wheelchair minivan as a better option. It is smaller and easier to drive. It offers better fuel consumption, too.

Consider the Options

One of the best ways for individuals to determine if a wheelchair minivan is the right option for them is to check out the available products and to determine if they offer the fit that is appropriate.

Town and Country: The Town and Country, by Chrysler, is a good option for those who need adaptive equipment for their minivan. One version of this vehicle provides a rear exit ramp and a lowered floor option.

Dodge Grand Caravan: The Dodge Grand Caravan offers a variety of adaptive equipment options. One option includes removable front seats. Other options include power ramps and lowered floor packages.

Toyota Sienna: The Toyota Sienna is yet another option in wheelchair minivans. Some options available on this vehicle include ramps, lowered floor packages, power ramps (and power sliding doors) as well as removable front seats.

In addition to these makes and models, you can also learn about wheelchair minivans available through Ford, Chevrolet, El Dorado, Pontiac and GMC.

Why Wheelchair Minivans Meet Needs

Learning about wheelchair minivans allows you to start planning on how you will see the world. Although the listed vehicles above do contain great features, later models now include a variety of other technology and adaptive equipment that can make traveling not only convenient, but also fun to do.

Some of the wheelchair minivans on the market contain features such as the following:

  • Steering devices give individuals new levels of control.
  • Transfer seats, which allow the passenger to easily slide from their wheelchair into the vehicle’s seat. It feels comfortable and reduces strain and stress.
  • Ramps are a common feature, but today’s best options feature motorized ramps and lifts. This allows an individual to maneuver easily into place.
  • Both electric and manual tie downs are available. Some minivans also feature a four point tie downs with seat belts. This adds to the protection of the passenger within the vehicle.
  • Lowered floors allow for more headroom in most vehicles. Some minivans offer half dropped lowered floors while others offer even more room.

A nice feature of these minivans is the fact that if you purchase them new, you can have the vehicle customized specifically for your particular needs. Select the budget that is in line with your needs, then customize the minivan to have the features necessary for comfort and convenience.

Unlike a full size wheelchair van, the minivan offers a bit less room, but does improve upon the easy of driving and maneuvering. Most features in conversion vans are available in minivans, too. Take the time to test drive these vehicles. It takes only a matter of minutes to determine if the features and feel of this type of vehicle fits your particular needs.