Install A Steering Wheel Spinner Knob For Easier Handicap Driving

A steering wheel spinner knob is a very easy accessory to install. Usually 5 to 10 minutes is all the time most people will need to get the job done. Check the vehicle code to make sure installation of a wheel spinner knob for handicapped driving is legal in your state before purchasing and installation. What follows is a list of what you will need in tools and materials to install a steering wheel spinner knob.

Make sure the front wheels are aligned for straight line travel before you begin. Then you need to find your preferred location for the knob on the steering wheel for when you are traveling in a straight line. Once you have found this sweet spot, put the knob in this position and fasten the wheel clamp to it, making sure all the screws are hand tight.

After you have hand tightened the screws and are certain you have found the correct position for disabled driving, use a Philips head screw driver to tighten the screws to a level where the knob is securely held in position, with no possibility of movement. For steering wheels with finger grooves the most secure position will be for the knob clamp to fit within one of these grooves.

Whether a steering wheel spinner knob is legal to use will depend on which state you reside in as some states just do not allow them, even for disabled drivers. For this reason it is vital that you check the legality of the installation of a steering wheel spinner knob before purchasing, which is a simple matter to take care of as all you need is your state’s vehicle code. The above information should tell you how easy it is to install a steering wheel spinner knob for easier handicap driving.