Quick And Easy Wheelchair Lifts Make Perfect Sense

If you are purchasing a wheelchair van, you must consider how you plan to enter and exit the vehicle.   It is one of the most basic considerations, but it offers a wide variety of choices.

Some people rely on ramps to allow accessibility.   There are multiple varieties of wheelchair ramps, including everything from heavy-duty mounted options to lightweight, foldable suitcase varieties.   Those ramps can be used from a side door or from the vans rear door.

thumbs ford e 250 2012 f33ecb39a1b54559c2e17aa9d255971d Quick And Easy Wheelchair Lifts Make Perfect SenseOthers prefer to utilize a wheelchair lift.   These tend to be more expensive than ramps by a substantial margin, but they allow individuals to get in and out of their vehicles with less effort and fewer hassles.   They also tend to be sturdier than ramps, the last longer and they have a smaller “footprint” increasing one’s parking options.

Lifts usually consist of a flat platform upon which the wheelchair itself rests.   A hydraulic mechanism or an electric motor lifts and lowers the platform, as necessary to facilitate smooth entry or exit.   While some lifts may work based on a manual crank, these are becoming much less common, as most users prefer a less strenuous procedure.


thumbs ford e150 2009 6a8250eaf31933a3c2061c5dc2bb2914 Quick And Easy Wheelchair Lifts Make Perfect SenseSome of the best lifts on the market come from Braun, a noted wheelchair van conversion company.   Their Millennium models are the “gold standard” for lifts.   They are capable of handling heavy loads on a regular basis, are easy to use and tend to be remarkably durable.

Regardless of the brand one purchases, it is important to have the unit inspected regularly to insure correct operation and to head off any mechanical difficulties or wear that could result in a unit’s failure.

Just like they can with wheelchair ramps, vehicle owners can opt to have a lift installed on the side of the van or on the rear.   This decision is based on both the vehicle under consideration and the preferences of the individual owner.

If you are looking for a way to get in and out of your wheelchair van quickly and easily, a wheelchair lift makes perfect sense.   Occasional users and those working with a tight budget may prefer ramps, but lifts are generally a superior option for those in need of mobility assistance.