Disability Scooter Lifts When Ramps Aren’t An Option

If you use a scooter or power chair to aid in mobility, you understand just how challenging entering and exiting a vehicle can be.   Ramps can be problematic. They require a great deal of effort and often feel unsteady under the relatively significant weight of a scooter.   The best option is often an investment in a high quality scooter lift.

There are a few different kinds of scooter lifts and mounting options.   You can put a lift on the side door of your vehicle or at the rear entry.   That decision will have an impact on your parking options and must be made with a clear sense of your personal preferences in mind.

thumbs joey barrier front pwc312847685f47a2857c00f8d4e45ca593 Disability Scooter Lifts When Ramps Arent An OptionThere are lifts that work at the level of the door and ground.   These are the most common kind of scooter lifts.   They have a flat platform that’s raised or lower to facilitate entry or exist.   They’re powered either by an electric motor a hydraulic system.   Scooter lifts are generally quite sturdy and are built to withstand the weight of the mobility aid and its driver.

There are also lifts that actually mount to the top of the vehicle and look more like an add-on luggage rack than a mobility aid.   These lifts “reach down” for the top of the vehicle and lift the scooter up.   In some cases, collapsible chairs are stowed within the mechanism when not in use.   While this can be an ideal arrangement for some people, most find that a more traditional arrangement better suits their needs.

When purchasing a scooter lift, a few factors must make their way to the top of the priority list.   One is the overall reliability of the lift.   Cheaper options often fail to produce the kind of consistency and durability displayed by more expensive units produced by Braun and other well-known conversion companies.   Another factor is the ability of the lift in question to manage the weight of the scooter and its user.

If you make use of a scooter, a scooter lift is undoubtedly a good choice.   It will make using your vehicle much more convenient and safe than ramp options.   Lifts may cost a bit more, but they’re worth every penny.