Helping the Disabled Driver with One Click Power Door

Disabled drivers may struggle with traditional vehicle doors. They can be too heavy for some people to use and those who operate from a wheelchair, scooter or power chair may have a difficult time reaching or manipulating the handles.   It is a situation that calls out for a smart external vehicle modification or options.

Fortunately, there is one readily available.   An individual can have one or more power doors installed on his or her vehicle.   It is a great way to turn a tough situation into something much, much easier.

A power door, as the name suggests, is capable of opening or closing without the exertion of any human force beyond sending the signal for action.   The user generally opens and closes the door by use of a single button.   Buttons can be located within the vehicle, on the exterior of the door or on a remote control device, such as a keychain.

It is not hard to imagine how much difference a power door can make.   Instead of wrestling with a challenging situation, the disabled driver can open and close the door with a single finger tap!   An electric motor takes care of the rest.   It is a fast, reliable and easy way of opening and closing doors.

Many vehicles, especially minivans and SUVs with dual sliding doors come with at least one power door.   However, that is usually the side door, which may not be optimal for many drivers.

As such, many disabled drivers opt to work with conversion experts who will install a power door in place of an existing stock door, or who will make the modifications necessary turn a standard issue door into a powered option.

Not too long ago, power doors were something of a novelty–today they are commonplace.   They are reliable, relatively inexpensive, and are capable of dramatically changing the character of one’s experience with a vehicle for the better.   It is no wonder that power doors continue to increase in popularity.

If you have difficulties managing traditional doors, you will definitely want to consider finding a vehicle with an appropriately placed power door.