Assistance With Affording Wheelchair Accessible Vans And Commercial Use Vehicle

Having wheelchair accessible vans can make lives easier and also help people to be a part of a community. Regrettably, it is very expensive to convert a van to construct it to be handicap or wheelchair accessible. This may not be a choice for some people because of the financial burden. However, help is available and can cover some or all of the cost of a private or commercial use vehicle.

Vocational Therapy

When attempting to return to work, but needing reliable transportation, vocational rehabilitation agencies which are operated by the government may grant funding for obtaining a van and adaptive gear. An office of vocational rehabilitation will review the person’s financial documents and may take a number of months to reach a decision. They will review letters from doctors and medical records and consider the person’s ability to work when they evaluate their application.

Medicaid Insurance

Medicaid is a state insurance plan for people who have low income. It sometimes offers assistance for purchasing a vehicle or supplies the adaptive equipment required to make transportation an option. A lot of states have applications online or people can go to their local offices of health and human services to submit an application. These applications will require information about financial status, expenditures and additional information in order to consider applicants for Medicaid.

U. S. Veteran’s Administration

The United States Department of Veterans affair grants the United States military with the needed financial assistance so they can be prepared with a vehicle that includes adaptive equipment. Being eligible for this assistance consists of being an American veteran, having the loss of one or both feet or hands due to serving in the military, or a permanent vision change in one or both eyes, or unable to move due to problems with either or both knees or hips. The VA makes available a one-time payment of a maximum of $11,000 for purchasing a new vehicle or will pay for the repair, equipment or the installing of new equipment.

The Knights of Columbus

This group formed to give financial assistance to the Knights of Columbus members and the members’ families and to offer help to other people in the community. Assistance is often made available for those who are sick, disabled and in need. The KOC frequently subsidizes events to raise money for people who need wheelchair accessible vans. When seeking assistance, people may contact their local KOC group by searching online.

Government Provided Refund

The U.S. government, plus the auto-manufacturers offer rebates to assist with making the purchase or the conversion of a van more easily affordable. These refunds are given out after the work has been completed, so it is significant to look into the rebate arrangement before paying for wheelchair accessible vans or having them converted over. Some conversions include wheelchair ramps with 30 inch widths and 60 inch lengths.

Insurance Companies

People who are planning to upgrade a current van or convert a van to be accessible to their specific circumstances should be sure to contact their insurance company to find out if it covers the expense of upgrading or conversion.