Funding Wheelchair Vehicles & Adaptations

Paying For Wheelchair Van Equipment

Health Insurance does not usually cover a driver rehabilitation evaluation or training but you may be able to go through an organization that will bill your health insurance for a clinical assessment or occupational therapy. This will not apply in all cases. For those who need wheelchair van equipment funding or training and evaluation, it may be covered by automobile insurance and worker compensation if there has been an automobile accident or injury at work.

Some vocational agencies of the state may cover people who need services in regard to unemployment, a return to unemployment and long term unemployment. Homemakers may also get cover from the vocational rehabilitation agency if the state has this system. Veterans may be able to claim from the Veterans administration. For people without insurance there may be programs that give grants or have self-pay discounts that will pay for driver rehabilitation services.

Adaptive Equipment Funding

For those who need adaptive equipment for a vehicle there are funding resources available. Unfortunately similar to training and evaluation, health insurance generally does not cover the cost of vehicle adaptation. Any auto accident or injury at work may be covered by worker compensation or auto insurance but a check will be necessary to see if any wheelchair vans or vehicle adaptations are covered.

Car manufacturers in the United States have a rebate scheme for adaptive driving aids which goes up to $1000 for any lease or new vehicle purchased. Foreign manufactures often have this scheme as well.  If you are buying from a manufacturer who does not have a mobility rebate plan it is worth asking if they will equal an offer from a company that do have the rebate program.

Disabled Veterans

If you need to get to and from work the state’s vocation rehabilitation agency might cover all or at least some of the costs of adapting a vehicle. If an injury was acquired during service the VA may cover the cost but you may have to cover the costs of vehicle lifts yourself regardless of whether the injury was service related. Another good resource is the Paralyzed Veterans Association. These associations can be contacted locally and may have donated vehicles or resources for used vehicles.  You can check this out on the website just by clicking on “membership” to find your local branch.

MS and Disability Programs

People with MS often have hand controls that have been donated by the MS Society.  Check out the disability advocate agencies and see if they have a program of this nature. Michigan has a Michigan Technology Loan Fund which for qualifying individuals offers a loan guarantee and interest rate subsidy. This is good for making sure the vehicle can be financed for all its useful life rather than just its usual 12, 48 or 60 month period.