Wheelchair Van Conversion Companies

The goal of a wheelchair van conversion company manufacturer is to build vans for the comfort of passenger on long or short rides. Here is an overview of some of the outstanding van conversion companies that make a variety of models and styles for a consumer’s need.


Braun re-manufactures minivans offer easy access for wheelchair and scooter users. It is equipped with a lightweight ramp and lowered floors for easy entry and exit, installed with a kneeling system to lower the rear suspension which decreases the slope of the ramp, removable front seats that wheelchair users can have an option to drive/ride.


Ricon offers great wheelchair lifts that are easy to operate and will fit several types of vehicles. A wide variety of selection is available- from the electronic lifts to the hydraulic lifts. Hydraulic lifts that can be operated even if the van has no power and electric wheelchair lifts that runs with electricity.


(Independent Mobility Services) – offers quality products, expert services and a wide range of mobility equipment. An IMS representative will assist consumers to select the best equipment from choosing stairway lifts to bath lifts and aluminum ramps, from hill trams to residential elevators and wheelchair lifts.

Vantage Mobility International (VMI)

VMI in 2006, it began a partnership with Accubuit/Tuscany to provide full-sized wheelchair accessible vans. VMI full-sized van options include: raising of roof/door; lowered floor modifications, platform lift options, interior design and vehicle power train offers. VMI also converts minivan for Dodge and Chrysler and Honda Odyssey. All minivans are side-entry and have lowered floors for scooters and power chairs. Minivan features include: remote control entry, kneel system, removable seats, undercoating and rust proofing.


offers side entry handicap, rear-entry handicap van conversion, long channel handicap rear van conversions. All adapted vans include: 10″ lowered floor and door conversion, new rear suspension replaced with multi-leaf spring, non slip wheelchair ramp, new carpet & rubber center flooring, full set of a custom body ground and standard wheelchair tie downs.

Freedom Motors

Freedom Motors has been converting vans into wheelchair vans for over twenty years. Its Kneelvan available on Dodge/Chrysler and Toyota minivans is a top tier rear-entry wheelchair van.

Mobility Works

Mobility Works is a national chain of wheelchair accessible van providers that offer wheelchair accessible lowered floor minivans, full-size vans and commercial fleet vehicles. Unlike other companies, it offers financing, extended warranties, rental vans, a 24-hour emergency help line, and mechanical services.

Viewpoint Mobility

Viewpoint Mobility manufacturers of The Vision, North America’s best wheelchair accessible minivan. It has a rear-entry, lowered floor conversion that is effortlessly engineered to make Daimler Chrysler, Ford,General Motors, Honda and Toyotaminivans as barrier-free.

Star Craft

First in the industry. Star Craft conversion vans have 51 inches of overhead clearance unlike other converted vans for the disabled. Safety features like raised seats were added.

Rollx Vans

Rollx is the only manufacturer who is said to deliver finished handicapped accessible vans straight with the owner. Rollx Vans converts the Dodge, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and Honda minivan, and the Ford full-size wheelchair van.