Freedom Motors Wheelchair Vans Manufacturer

Freedom Motors USA is a company well worth learning more about. They are a company that works to convert vehicles to make them wheelchair accessible, making their services sought after by consumers and businesses worldwide. Based in the United States, the company has been honing their craft for the past twenty years, giving them a great deal of experience and expertise to back up their name. They have a lot to offer and once you learn more about the company, it is not hard to see why they are one of the top-rated companies of their kind.

They first started their enterprise in 1987 out of the United States, continuing on from there to strive and improve their work as the years passed. They did and still do understood how important it is to make vehicles wheelchair accessible and allow even wheelchair-bound persons to easily get onto and off of a vehicle, without making it a huge hassle and time constraint for them. There is no reason for them to feel any differently or feel left out, and with these handy wheelchair accessible vehicles, that is one thing they never have to worry about.

Another impressive fact about Freedom Motors is that they have done more independent crash testing than any other mobility vehicle manufacturer in the United States. This shows how hardworking and dedicated they are to their craft and how they continue to improve and impress in the industry.

Their wheelchair vans make it easy for disabled persons to get on and off of the handicap vans, without putting a lot of stress on themselves. One of the main goals is to ensure the vehicles are accessible enough for wheelchair-bound persons to be able to independently get on and off of the vehicle, without requiring assistance. From Scion to Toyota and Chrysler, some of the top vehicle manufacturers in the world rely on Freedom Motors to provide accessibility options on their vehicles and expand the customer base. There are also a number of other well-known vehicle makes offered through Freedom Motors, such as Honda and Dodge.

Their inventory is always well-stocked with a vast selection of different makes and models of vehicle. Whether you want a van, SUV, car, or other specific type of vehicle, you always have a good selection to choose from. If you ever need any assistance, there is a friendly support team always reachable through Freedom Motors, who are more than happy to help out.

With a mission to constantly work hard and improve and innovate, Freedom Motors USA is always advancing and offering more in terms of mobility vehicles. They are always providing their customers with the most cutting edge technology and comfort, as well as good values. Whether you are looking for a wheelchair or wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can go through Freedom Motors and trust in them to give you just what you need.