ElDorado National Wheelchair Vans Manufacturer

ElDorado National Company in partnership with Ricon Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of wheelchair lifts, started producing wheelchair accessible vans in the year 2001. They are already existent in the automotive business since 1956. It is a subsidiary of Thor Industries™ commercial buses, and they are a well-known manufacturer of heavy-duty buses – produced in Riverside, California; cut away buses and mobility vans- produced in Salina, Kansas. ElDorado vehicles are trusted to be valuable and reliable, since they have been in the business for more than four decades and have a wide network of dealers in the industry ready for customer service.

Safety and security assurance for ElDorado National Company is paramount. On that case, they test their vehicle more than the other manufacturers do to pass or exceed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and all vehicles are a qualifier of front, side and rear crash testing simulation.

Introducing Amerivan

thumbs amerivan 52cad32cf15158cc85ebbe49c5838590o ElDorado National Wheelchair Vans ManufacturerAmerivan is the handicapped accessible van manufactured by ElDorado National Company. Amerivan is usually built on a Chrysler Town & Country and Grand Dodge Caravan chassis, powered by a 3.3 liter V6 engine (Flex Fuel) under the hood. In general, it has 14″ lowered floor made of stainless steel and a fold-out ramp made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminium that can easily be controlled with a remote just like the vehicle doors and kneeling system. Although it is equipped with immovable driver’s seat, the front and rear passenger seats can be effortlessly removed to provide more room for the passengers and wheelchair users. And not to mention, it has a heating and air conditioning system that provides a more comfortable ride during long or short trips.

In order to provide a better security system and produce a smooth ride with peace in mind, Amerivan is equipped with a backup alarm, non-slip flooring, fire extinguisher, road flare, impact airbags for the driver and front passenger and emergency rear door exit sign and handle. Amerivans can be equipped with a more sophisticated security system like reverse alarms, cameras, side turn and marker lights, Q’straint L-track located in different areas, one set of Q’straint manual tie-down belt, door interlock system and more.

With regard to warranty, ElDorado floor and ramp have seven years or 70,000 miles of warranty, and three years or 36,000 miles on all other parts of the handicap accessible van. A more thorough discussion is needed to understand completely the best in the industry warranty options exclusively being offered by Eldorado National Company. With that, it is advisable to visit the nearest ElDorado dealer or visit http://ks.enconline.com for more information.