EZ Lock Wheelchair Dock Assemblies Improve Safety

Similar to the goals for all Braun handicap vehicle conversions, the EZ Lock wheelchair dock is durable, easy to use and safe. The restraint system holds the wheelchair anchored to the floor of the vehicle whether an individual is riding or driving.

The docking base attached to the floor locks the wheelchair in place. The chair easily glides into position due to the unique base design. After users position the wheelchair and lock it in place, a sophisticated electronic system ensures the base is stable. Riders who use seat belts in conjunction with the reliable docking system stay safe and secure during the ride.

How the System Works to Keep Occupants Safe

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The EZ Lock restraint system is a simple device that will not detract from aesthetics yet utilizes advanced technology. After mounting the base to the floor, users simply roll the wheelchair into the proper position and it automatically locks into place.

The electronic system has built in safeguards that monitor the wheelchair’s status while the vehicle is in motion. The status instantaneously displays on an easy to read control panel with all functions featuring soft-touch switches and lights for convenience.

After locking in the wheelchair and starting the ignition, safeguards offer additional protection to the occupant. Once the driver has turned on the engine, the chair is secure during transportation because the locking base is unable to release its hold on the wheelchair until the engine turns off. If the chair fails to lock into the base properly, the system sends an alert about the problem so the user can fix it before the vehicle starts moving.

Upon arrival at the destination, the system releases the wheelchair at the push of a single button. A manual release is included for emergencies. EZ Lock is the best safety restraint system of its kind because it offers improved independence and enhanced mobility to users.

Exploring the EZ Lock’s Safety Features

thumbs dodge ram 2000 c8cd568b9797a7e49e950939ac92ec43 EZ Lock Wheelchair Dock Assemblies Improve Safety EZ Lock has provided safe, reliable restraint systems for more than two decades and every product benefits from that experience. The company tests every product several times against the safety standards set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers ensuring that their line meets the highest standards in the industry for securing wheelchairs in handicap vans.

Made with only the highest quality materials, the product is durable and the strongest, most reliable restraint system on the market. Third party crash testing verifies the product meets the standard required of 30 mph/20G and the company continuously tests all its mobility equipment. The company’s dedication to the industry and commitment to providing quality products are what helped rank their restraint device number one in America for safety in wheelchair docking systems.

If you purchase the EZ Lock system, mobility technicians will install the wheelchair bracket and base in your conversion vehicle. The wheelchair, van, and customer must be present to obtain the correct measurements for installation, which takes between four and eight hours to complete.

Consumers should check the list of approved wheelchairs for use with the EZ Lock since not all are compatible with the system. The easy to read compatibility chart lists all wheelchairs suited for this application. All NMEDA dealers remain dedicated to safety and agents are available to take your call to help you determine if you can use the EZ Lock with your wheelchair model.

Additional Benefits of the EZ Lock

Individuals have been able to restrain a wheelchair without outside help with the EZ Lock system since 1986. The device is simple to install in either the passenger or the driver side of the vehicle. Users do not have to worry about buckles or straps because the entire system is contained in the dock mounted to the floor. Just lock the wheelchair in place and you are ready to go.