Q’Straint Adjustable Straps For Wheelchair Securement

Q’Straint has been manufacturing the safest, most effective and easiest to use restraint solutions for wheelchair vans for over 25 years. The company firmly believes that accessible van safety is important to everyone, and AMS vans use Q’Straint adjustable straps for wheelchair securement.

The statutes ISO10542 and SAE J2249 stipulate certain requirements for restraint systems and tie downs that are used in motor vehicles, and the Q’Straint straps actually exceed these requirements. The company has a long and proud history of providing safe and comfortable transportation for wheelchair users, their wheelchair and any other passengers, as well as the vehicle’s driver.

Both the actual wheelchair user and any other passengers need to be adequately protected, and many experts in the area of transportation agree that a system of restraint and anchorage as well as tie downs provide the most security. Everybody in the vehicle can relax and be assured that the Q’Straint system is doing its job, and can be assured that everyone will be safe in the event of an impact to the vehicle or a sharp turn.

The Q’Straint adjustable straps for wheelchair securement can be tightened securely with just one hand, whereas other restraint systems are more complicated and tightening them can sometimes by difficult. The Q’Straint straps are efficient and safe, as they lock automatically and retract into a storage compartment when undone. There are no loose ends, making them easy to store and clean too.

Q’Straint Straps Versus Ordinary Wheelchair Straps

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Retractable straps are much easier to use and store, as opposed to ordinary straps which can sometimes become tangled up.

Q’Straint is acknowledged around the world as the leader in the industry when it comes to reliability, safety and innovation. The straps are an excellent way to quickly and safely secure a wheelchair passenger in an Braun conversion van or any other vehicle adapted for wheelchair use.

Four tie downs are included with each Q’Straint adjustable straps for wheelchair securement system. The system also comes with an easy to read safety manual, and you should always read the manual and follow the directions before using the Q’Straint straps to secure a wheelchair passenger.