Adaptive Driver Rehabilitation Services

Someone who is confined to a wheel chair may find that he can no longer drive with the standard equipment of most cars. The average car does expect the user to be able to use all of his limbs, after all. If a person believes that he may still be able to drive if modifications are made, he should get evaluated to determine if adaptive equipment can help him back on the road. wheelchair van Rehabilitation Evaluations will suit this person’s needs

A disabled person may not know where to turn to get the equipment he needs. DealersĀ  sell wheel chair vans, but dealers do not prescribe equipment. They just sell handicap vans. A salesman does not know an individual’s medical needs. The recommendations he makes may not suit the needs of the patient.

A patient with a mental disability or one that hinder’s the body’s response times. An individual may not know or be able to acknowledge that he suffers from this type of impairment. A person who undergoes an evaluation may be told that he or she cannot drive. They usually do not need adaptive equipment. Wheelchair vans are not normally necessary. Being 62 or older does not meant hat one will need these services.