How Raised Roofs Help the Disabled Driver

Vans are produced with certain assumptions in place.   One of those assumptions is that people within a certain height range will be using the vehicle and that they’ll be using the seats provided with the van.   Those assumptions work quite well in most cases.   However, they don’t work well when those vans are converted for wheelchair use.

That’s because an individual seated in a wheelchair will have a much higher profile than someone setting in a standard van seat.   That creates a real challenge in terms of headroom.   It can be difficult for wheelchair using riders to get into a standard van and those who do may find themselves in an uncomfortable and unsafe position due to limited headroom.

That’s why raised roofs have become a very popular wheelchair van conversion.   Modification experts literally increase the height of the vehicle in order to compensate for the “taller” wheelchair passengers.   The resulting higher profile vans are more accessible, comfortable and safe than the “right off the assembly line” alternatives.   It’s not an exaggeration to say that it is a key to providing real accessibility for a large number of van and minivan options.

Obviously, modifying a van for increased height is a major undertaking.   It is not a simple conversion.   The people doing the body work need to be exact in their work and must always be cognizant of how their adjustments could impact the vehicle’s structural integrity.   As such, the conversion is not inexpensive and should be handled exclusively by experienced, well-trained professionals.

There is an alternative to raised roofs–one can actually lower the floor of the vehicle to get similar results.   However, roof raising is often preferred for some vehicle types.

Raised roofs are a big help for disabled drivers and passengers alike.   They make wheelchair vans safer and more comfortable than stock alternatives.   It’s no wonder that this form of bodywork has become one of the most popular wheelchair van conversions.

If you or one of your regular passengers utilizes a wheelchair, you’ll undoubtedly want to consider raised roof options for you’re your van.   You can transform unsafe and otherwise uncomfortable quarters into a far superior, roomier alternative by having the roof of your vehicle elevated.   Stop knocking your head against the roof or making your way across town with your head cocked to the side!   Investigate what a raised roof can do for you and your vehicle.