How Transfer Seats Help the Disabled Driver

If you want to drive, you need a way to get behind the wheel.   You also need an easy way to exit the vehicle after you drive.   The “in and out” of driving is a real challenge for many disabled drivers.   They are more than able to safely navigate the vehicle itself–they just need a better way to get in and out of the driver’s area.

That is why transfer seats are so popular.   As their name suggests, they aid in the transfer of the driver from his or her wheelchair to the driver’s seat itself.   In fact, transfer seats can double.   They move and swivel out in order to make it easier for the driver to get in and out of his or her chair.   There are also transfer seats designed for passengers.

Transfer seats are often adjustable in all directions.   In addition to swiveling out at ninety degrees, they also move up and down to match custom height needs and slide toward and away from the steering wheel, as necessary.   In essence, they can move as necessary to facilitate transfer from wheelchair to the seat.

These seats can be somewhat expensive.   A high-quality Ricon Power Transfer Seat, for instance, may cost as much as $2,000.   However, when one weighs that price tag against the accessibility advantage a transfer seat provides, it may very well seem like a bargain.

As you would guess, professionals usually install these powered seats.   Installation may often be included with purchase.   Even when it is not, it makes sense to leave installation to those with extensive conversion experience.   The seats must be correctly positioned in order to provide for driver safety and optimal use.   If the seat is not correctly installed, it will not function properly.

A transfer seat can allow someone who otherwise would not be able to get into a van seat to do so.   That has a huge impact on people who are completely capable of driving but who struggle with getting behind the wheel.   Transfer seats provide them with all new levels of accessibility.

If you are struggling to get behind the wheel, look at your seat options.   You may discover that you can drive your wheelchair van more easily and comfortably with a transfer seat.   They can make a great deal of difference to many drivers and, as a result, have become an extremely popular modification.