How a Removable Passenger Seat Helps the Disabled Driver

Does the most common passenger in your vehicle use a wheelchair?   Do you use a wheelchair?

If you answered “yes” to either query, you may want to consider a removable passenger seat for your wheelchair van or minivan.   A removable seat performs exactly as its name would suggest–with the flip of a lever or some other adjustment, you can remove the seat from the vehicle.

Why would you want to leave an empty space where your passenger seat used to be?   There are a few reasons.

First, if you have a passenger who utilizes a wheelchair, the removable passenger seat would give you the option to have them sit up with you instead of being relegated to the back seat.   You could place tie-downs or an EZ Lock in the passenger compartment, allowing your wheelchair-bound friend to sit up front with you.

Second, if you use a wheelchair, you may find that removing the passenger seat will provide you with additional space to make a transfer from your chair to the driver’s seat.   Even if you’re not using a transfer chair, you may find that removing that passenger seat will give you the extra room you need to make entering and exiting the driver’s area easier and more convenient.

Finally, some people find that getting in and out of a van with a wheelchair is easier when the passenger seat is removed.   It’s a matter of space and not having the seat in place can make side entry easier in some situations.

The nice thing about a removable seat option is its lack of permanence.   If you decide that it makes more sense to leave the passenger seat in place for some expeditions, you can easily do so.   A removable seat offers a great deal of flexibility and allows you to customize your vehicle’s seating options to meet the demands of individual trips.

There are many different removable passenger seats available.   Some stock seats can be easily removed.   Other transfer seats and custom options are available that feature easy removal, as well.   If you’d like to have a way to get that passenger seat out of your vehicle, you do have choices.

A removable passenger seat can appreciably change the overall space situation in your vehicle.   If you could use a little more space when entering your van, have a passenger who uses a wheelchair who would like to sit in front or could otherwise benefit from increased space, removable seats are definitely an option to consider.