How Automatic Door Openers Help the Disabled Driver

When we think of handicapped-friendly vehicle modifications, we often consider changes to the equipment involved in operating the vehicle itself.   While those modifications can be extremely important, there is another facet to vehicle accessibility–making sure that the disabled driver can safely and easily enter or exist his or her vehicle.

In other words, all of the driving-related modifications in the world will not make a vehicle truly accessible if the driver cannot get in and out of the vehicle!   That is a big problem, too.   Many people who would otherwise be able to drive find the process impossible due to those restrictions.

Automatic door openers are a perfect example of an access modification that can dramatically help the disabled drivers. They address a problem that can often stand in the way of accessibility for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities.

Van doors can be heavy.   Additionally, their handles are often placed in locations that are difficult for some disabled individuals (especially those in wheelchairs) to reach.   They can be difficult to open and it can be quite problematic for some drivers to close them, as well.

Automatic openers resolve this problem.   Doors are set up to open and close automatically via the use of a single button, which is often done via remote control on the driver’s keychain.   Instead of struggling with the door, the driver can tap the button and the door will open automatically.   When it is time to close the door, another tap will set the mechanical door into operation and it will close tightly and safely.

A number of vehicles come with automatic door openers installed.   This can be very handy for some disabled drivers.   However, some drivers may need to have the devices installed on doors that do not regularly feature the option.   In those cases, they can consult with a qualified conversion expert.   The addition of automatic doors is relatively common and a modification professional should be able to add an opener to just about any door.

Making it easier to deal with otherwise challenging van doors can be a key to accessibility.   Before one can hope to drive, he or she must be able to safely and conveniently get in and out of the vehicle!   Automatic doors make that happen, providing numerous handicapped drivers with a way to get out on the roads.