Inside Braun Corporation With BraunAbility Wheelchair Vans

Story of Ralph Braun: Story of Braun Corporation

Ralph Braun, being its founder, was diagnosed with spinal muscular a trophy-degenerative disease in nature at an early age. During the age of15, Ralph was unable to walk. Ralph Braun, with his disability, invented an electric scooter called “Tri-Wheeler” for his own necessity. It became popular to the disabled community that led to the creation of Ralph’s first manufacturing company named “Save-A-Step”.

Absolutely, necessity is really the mother of inventions. The relocation of Ralph’s employer, which is far from his home, gave birth to the first wheelchair lift for a retired post office jeep. Few years later, full-sized van was transformed into a Lift-A-Way wheelchair lift. Again, it became popular, and Ralph couldn’t handle the demand. Soon, Save-A-Step was renamed to Braun Corporation, and during the 70′ and 80′s the company enjoyed a phenomenal growth and good harvest.

The Braun Identity

The disabled community gained access to public places with the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. The Entervan, a revolutionary product, was introduced to answer the mobility needs of the disabled community. Entervan became popular and flagship of the Braun Corporation product line as more and more people find independence with this invention. Moreover, the unparalleled ease of access for wheelchair users is the greatest advantage that these minivans offer.

The Braun Product List

The expertise and service of Braun Corporation nationwide dealer network-over 200 across the country- adds to the advantage of purchasing its products that include:

Entervan has been designed for best safety and reliability. This classic conversion is easy to operate and provides a large amount of interior space for movement. It features a power auto-kneel system, lowered driver side sliding door sill, easy-out front passenger and drive seats under carriage spare tire storage and more. Unsurprisingly, with these features Dodge and Chrysler Entervan has been the start of the BraunAbility fleet for over 20 years.

Entervan XT is perfect for individuals who sit higher in their wheelchair. This van, with over 56″ of clearance through the sliding door, makes it easier for many wheelchair users to gain access to the vehicle. It also offers up to 61″ of interior clearance to provide extra head room and greater visibility. Lastly, it provides a more comfortable with its convenient fold-down footrest for backseat passengers.

Companion Van SE an economical package among the traditional lowered-floor minivan. This is great for wheelchair users who travel with attendant as it uses a manual door and manual ramp. It also features lowered floor from the rear bench to just behind the front seat for one additional wheelchair. To permit seating for up to four ambulatory adults with one wheelchair positioned in the center lowered floor area, both front seats and rear bench are retained.

Companion Van RE is similar to Companion Van SE. However, it provides a room for two wheelchairs when a flip-and-fold of the second-row seats is performed.

Toyota Rampvan XT offers more visibility, maneuver ability and a gentler ramp slope. It is also considered as an impressive upgrade of an already first-class van.

Honda Entervan newest member and features a low ramp slope and over 54″ of sliding door height.