How 4-Point Tie Downs with Seat Belts Ensure Price Sensitive Ride

Figuring out the best way to get a wheelchair into a van or minivan is only part of a quality overall access plan.   Once that chair is in the van, you must take proper measures to secure it in place.

That is an essential part of the equation.   An improperly restrained chair can pose a tremendous risk to the wheelchair user and others within the vehicle.   It is not hard to imagine that a toppled chair in a high-traffic situation could lead to a more significant accident involving other vehicles, as well.

There are a number of ways to restrain a chair within a van.

One can use a special docking mechanism, for instance.   In these cases, the wheelchair is rigged with a special bracket on its underside.   That user can line up his or her chair to insert the bracket into a floor-mounted docking device that will immobilize the chair during travel.   This option is gaining in popularity, but price remains and issue.   Additionally, it has poorly suited for situations in which one may be transporting multiple chairs–most of which will not be set up with the mounting bracket.

thumbs ford freestar 2004 f60efa55beb6337e3b574b972a426de4 How 4 Point Tie Downs with Seat Belts Ensure Price Sensitive RideThat is why tie-downs remain the most popular means of securing a chair.   Tie downs fasten both the to the chair and to the floor of the vehicle.   They are then tightened to secure the wheelchair.   There are many different types of tie-downs.   One of the most effective arrangements makes use of 4-point tie downs with seat belts.

The 4-point tie-down scheme will effectively secure the seat in place.   Even the bumpiest roads and tightest corners will not challenge the ability of the tie-downs to keep the chair in check.   The seat belts add another dimension of safety.   With the chair restrained, a sudden stop or other movement could leave the wheelchair user at risk of falling form the chair if he or she is not using a seatbelt, after all.

4-pont tie downs with seat belts are a great way to safely move a chair within a vehicle.   They offer the advantage of a solid means of reducing chair movement with the extra safety of a high-quality seat belt.

If you are looking for a proven and safe means of securing a wheelchair within your wheelchair van, a system based on 4-point tie downs and seat belts can be an ideal option.   When used correctly, it will provide all of the protection and security you need to manage the job.